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Rebecca Lumley
11 Jul 2022

New CPHI report looks at CDMO outsourcing and partner selection

In The Future of Outsourcing - Strategies for Partner Selection, experts from across the pharma industry look at current trends impacting the contract services landscape and gauge the merits and drawbacks of the most common outsourcing strategies in use

It is well documented that the Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) market is booming and demand for contract services is higher than ever before. Concurrently, we are seeing record numbers of new drugs entering development, with a massive acceleration from 2020 onwards.

What is less well reported, however, is how companies are approaching their outsourcing strategies in a marketplace where capacity is so constrained.  

As demand for CDMOs outnumbers supply, drug sponsors are being forced to think about outsourcing much earlier than before. Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, CPHI's latest report calls on experts from across the pharmaceutical industry to shine a light on the challenges companies face when selecting an outsource partner, and divulge their tips for managing these relationships.  

Key questions posed by this report include:  

Should a drug sponsor work with multiple vendors or opt for an integrated services solution? Hajir Mokhtari, Senior Manager, Program Management at Thermo Fisher Scientific, explains the complexities of managing multiple vendors and stakeholders at once.  

How should a drug sponsor maintain oversight? Stephanie Gaulding, Managing Director at Pharmatech Associates, advises drawing up contractual agreements from the offset, such as quality and master service agreements.  

Is phase-appropriate development out of date? Bikash Chatterjee, CEO of Pharmatech Associates, argues that a forward-looking IND strategy, which keeps the final submission in mind, will shrink the time it takes to get to market.  

How will accelerated pathways change the way you outsource? Valdas Jurkauskas, Senior Vice President at Pardes Biosciences, recommends looking at the CDMO’s process chemistry experience and capabilities.  

Click on the link below to read the full report.  

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