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  • Product OpHLINE - Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices (HA 1,4%/2%/3%)

    OpHLINE is an ophthalmic viscosurgical devise (OVD) indicated as a coadjuvant during surgical procedures, involving the anterior chamber of the eye, especially in cataract surgery, including the extraction of the lens and the insertion of intraocular lenses.
    OpHLINE is available in 3 models ...
  • Product medEctoin Allergy Eye Drops

    Medical device for treatment and prevention of allergic conjunctivis symtoms. 
    • Quick symptoms reduction like itching, tearing and irritation within 30 seconds  • Alleviates allergic symptoms (red, itchy and watery eyes)  • Reduces allergen induced inflammations of the conjunctiv...
  • Product Relive® Sicca - Dry eye - Nanoemulsion eye drops - MD

    Symptomatic relief of moderate to severe dry eye syndrome, using IMPACT-SVT® nanoemulsion patent drug delivery technology. 

    Holistic approach for a multi-factorial pathology: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, mucogenic, mucoadhesion, lubrication, and anti-evaporative activity. •...
  • Product VitiPure HCO 40

    VitiPure™ HCO 40 is versatile solubilizer and emulsifier enhancing the solubility and bioavailability of hydrophobic APIs and vitamins. It complies with USP (Polyoxyl 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil) and  Ph. Eur. (Macrogolglycerol Hydroxystearate).
  • Product DROPsept

    Ophthalmic solution with phlogolithic action

    Ophtamologic injector with a body, a pusher, a metal spring and a sleeve (plunger).
  • Product Products in Private Label

    We offer customers a complete range of medical devices for nasal and eye care, ready for customisation with the graphics and brand of the distributor. They are CE-marked and can be sold in EU and non-EU countries, once they have been registered locally.
  • Product medEctoin Sicca Eye Drops

    Medical device for treatment and prevention of dry eyes symtoms.
    • Reduces inflammations caused by an irritated or dry conjunctiva  • Alleviates symptoms of dry eyes such as burning, dryness, itching etc.  • Stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film
    • Moistens dry eyes and...
  • Product medEctoin Inflammation Reducing Eye Drops

    Medical device for treatment of inflammatory diseases and the corneal occular surface. • Quick symptoms reduction like itching, tearing and irritation within 30 seconds.  • Alleviates symptoms such as burning, dryness, itching, redness, foreign body sensation, etc.  • Reduces inflammation...
  • Product medEctoin Eye Gel

    Medical device for treatment and prevention of dry, irritated and inflamed eyes.
    • Calms and soothes irritated and tired eyes  • Alleviates allergic symptoms (red, itchy and watery eyes)  • Intensive and longer moisturization of dry and irritated eyes due to prolonged retention tim...
  • Product medEctoin Sicca Eye Drops + HA

    Medical device for treatment and prevention of dry eyes symtoms. • Moistens dry and irritated eyes  • Reduces burning and itching  • Stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film and reduces further dehydration • Protects ocular cells from hyperosmolarity • Also effective as preventive t...
  • Product DayDrop - eye drops with the sustained-release system of ectoine

    DayDrop is an ophthalmic solution with sustained release of ectoine, indicated to alleviate the ocular dryness and irritation produced by environmental factors (wind, dust, air conditioning, dry heat), prolonged use of screens or contact lenses and some pathologies that present the above mentioned symp...
  • Product SVT-15473 - Inflammation and pain after ocular surgery - Clobetasol 0.05% nanoemulsion Rx

    SVT-15473 is the first strongest ophthalmic corticosteroid formulated in nanoemulsion (nanodroplets below ~30nm), using IMPACT-SVT®, a patented drug delivery technology, and in single-dose vials, using Blow-Fill-Seal technology packaging.

    SVT-15473 has&nbs...
  • Product Ribohyal

    Innovative ophthalmic gel based on Servimed's new chemical entity Hyalorib. 
  • Product DROP defence

    Anti UV and anti blue light eye drops. The first and only ophthalmic solution certified as Personal Protective Equipment against photooxidative damage caused by UV and blue light.
  • Product DROPclar

    Antioxidant eye drops
  • Product REmark

    phthalmic diagnostic solution - The first and only riboflavin based eye stain - for surface diagnosis and Goldmann Tonometry. 
  • Product Ocular Spray

    Made from high-quality microfiltered seawater. Formulated to closely resemble the composition of natural tears. Bag on valve system to prevent seawater from coming into contact with thethe container and propellant gas. 100% natural. Preservative free. Hypoallergenic. Eye Health (Medical device): Isotoni...
  • Product Eylea® Aflibercept Biosimilar ALT-L9

    Indications: Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration (wAMD). Currently in global phase III and to be launched by 2025. Same cell line used by originator and has a high level of similarity in PK profile in human studies. ALT-L9 has a unique formulation with improved thermal stability with process patents regis...

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