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  • Product Seamless Primary Packaging for sterile APIs

    Aluminium canisters produced by Metalco-Alupack ensure perfect chemical stability, complete protection and efficient tightness. They are easy to sterilise and depyrogenise. Our complete range of aluminium canisters with various closing systems holds a DMF type III at the USFDA. We also provide samplling bottl...
  • Product In-SPECt

    In-SPECt system was developed as an online solution for quality control, mainly for the pharmaceutical industry. The In-SPECt main advantage is that it integrates seamlessly to most production lines that handle Extrusion Blow Mold or Injection Blow Mold for small bottles and vials. It is a mature and perfecte...
  • Product NEXCEL® Brand Film for Large Volume Parenterals

    Introducing NEXCEL® brand M315 film for large volume parenterals. CPhI attendees are getting an exclusive first look at the next generation of film specifically engineered for manufacturers of intravenous bags. The polyolefin film is reliable and versatile with abuse-resistant and high-moisture barrier ...
  • Product VIALEX™ - Innovative technology for surface durability

    New long-term studies re-confirm that the VIALEX technology mitigates the effects from the converting process on the inner glass surface of the vial  in two ways
    • Sodium concentration reduced • Inner glass surface improved New long-term studies • Phosphate: 24 weeks at 40oC – 51e...
  • Product Aseptic Blow-Fill-Seal packaging machine for the production of bottles - bp 321

    IV solutions are basic life-saving drugs that are as wide ranging as their applications, including hydration agents, chemotherapy, pain management, antibiotics, plasma volume expanders, total parenteral nutrition, and many more. The blow-fill-seal process offers the highest level of sterility assuranc...
  • Product Corning Valor® Glass

     Corning Valor® Glass vials
  • Product COP injection bottles with crimp neck finish

    Unbreakable glass replacement for parenterals
    • High transparency
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Delivered ready-to-fill (sterilized available)
    • Autoclavable

    SYFPAC® SVP is conceived for the aseptic primary packaging of Small Volume Parenterals in the shape of vials and ampoules.Moulds with 10 to 50 cavities, machined with special inserts to emboss graduated scale or variable information are available. It’s designed for volumes from 0.2 ml to 50 ml and, thanks ...

    This machine is suitable for 
  • Product Ypsomed Delivery Systems (YDS)

    Ypsomed Delivery Systems (YDS) provides a complete range of technologies and services for reliable and user-friendly injection systems for self-medication.
  • Product Container design

    Whether a bottle or an ampoule is to be filled, how it is filled, and what additional functions the container needs are usually based on the intended use. Rommelag’s bottelpack machines can manufacture bottles, tubes, ampoules, drop bottles, bellows containers, unit-dose or multidose containers in a variet...
  • Product Quality Control

    Quality control of our materials in our laboratory
  • Product Alimenta TPN bags: new line made with a special material which improves the TPN bag features

    Nutriline is the standard EVA TPN bags line, while Alimenta is the new line made with a special material which improves the TPN bag features:- Transparency: Alimenta is manufactured with a transparent film which allows an easy inspection of the solution contained in the bag. - PH stability: contrary to EVA...
  • Product Complex plastic drug delivery devices

    H&T Presspart offers design, development and manufacturing services for complex,  complete plastic solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics and drug delivery device market.
  • Product Autoinjectors & pens

    Proven track record in managing parenteral customized solution and large scale industrialization projects of Autoinjectors and Pens with top pharmaceutical companies.

    Our offer:

    - disposable & reusable pen injectors
    - Taylor-made autoinjectors & pens
  • Product Drug Delivery Devices

    We provide an unmatched combination of product offerings & packages, design & innovation capabilities to leverage new technology & patient insights, & manufacturing expertise in pharmaceutical packaging

    To make Berry a part of your Healthcare manufacturing process, please contact us...
  • Product NEXCEL® Brand Film for Multi-Chamber Bags

    The NEXCEL® brand M332 film for multi-chamber bags contains a frangible seal to give consistent burst strength during autoclave sterilization. The strong perimeter seals allow for extra pressure to be applied in order to properly mix the bag contents at the point of use

  • Product Corning Valor® Glass

    Corning Valor® Glass vials
  • Product Valor Glass Vials

    High quality pharmaceutical glass packaging
  • Product Corning Valor® Glass

    Corning Valor® Glass vials

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