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plus10 GmbH is a Fraunhofer AI spin-off for automated production optimization with locations in Augsburg and Stuttgart. The company develops self-learning optimization software specifically for fully automated complex machines and plants of any industry, including GMP/FDA-compliant tools. The AI algorithms reduce short stops, errors, interlinking losses, quality scrap as well as troubleshooting time in large plants and suggest situational adjustments of e.g. process parameters. In this way, productivity and line effectiveness are significantly increased, scrap is avoided, and variation in output is minimized.

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  • 2021
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Products from plus10 GmbH

  • Shannon®, operational shopfloor assistance for Pharma/MedTech production

    Product Shannon®, operational shopfloor assistance for Pharma/MedTech production

    Shannon®, the operational shopfloor assistance, provides situational problem-solving suggestions for the employees at an automated production plant. The tool thus forms a continuously operating optimization control loop based on high-frequency PLC data. Shannon® makes expert knowledge about problems and their solutions mobile in the app (explicitly) available to all personnel on the store floor at any time.

  • Darwin - Machine Performance Finder

    Product Darwin - Machine Performance Finder

    Darwin, the Machine Performance Finder, offers various intelligent features to identify concrete optimization potentials of an automated machine. In this way, it significantly increases the performance level of the machines.

    The Machine Benchmark learns a virtual ideal process on the basis of control data from several machines, compares this with the processes of the real machines and provides a target value for the fastest possible production process. Based on this, Darwin continuously generates recommendations for reducing the cycle time. This also provides maintenance with an early warning system at component level to prevent unplanned machine failures and to always operate each machine at its optimum.

    The Bottleneck Detector detects the bottleneck in a linked line at station level and thus provides relevant information for effective optimization at the bottleneck.

    The Root Cause Detector feature automatically identifies correlations between faults that occur and the general conditions of the production line in order to make statements about the cause.
  • DataCollector - High performance IT Infrastructure for Manufacturing

    Product DataCollector - High performance IT Infrastructure for Manufacturing

    The plus10 DataCollector provides a high-performance data infrastructure for the acquisition and pre-processing of machine data from any source such as sensors, machine or robot controllers. Its simple configuration and implementation transforms machine data into Big Data and creates value through high-frequency data acquisition in milliseconds. DataCollector works independently of the machine manufacturer, making it a solution for all supported control systems. In addition to connectivity and data acquisition, DataCollector offers several features for visualization and analysis of machine data. For example, selected signals can be visualized live per time interval in the Signal Viewer.