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  • Product Eurotherm Data Reviewer

    Eurotherm Data Reviewer is a software application designed for the viewing, analysis and printing of historical data files obtained from Eurotherm data acquisition equipment.

    Find and analyze data quickly, including by instrument group or batch.

    The Audi...
  • Product platbricks®

    Digitizing business processes end-to-end, avoiding isolated solutions, preventing complexity and staying within budget? Not that easy! What do you need to eliminate the "not"? A platform with standard interfaces to ERP/WMS systems, a control center with real-time capability, expandable process logic and co...
  • Product AsepstSoft

    The Aseptsoft add-on developed by Aseptconn was designed to increase efficiency in pharmaceutical process design many times over. Save a lot of time, money and idle time.

    Say goodbye to the hassle of manual paperwork and drawings with AseptSoft®. With just a click, this innovative softwar...
  • Product Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence™

    Biology, chemistry and pharmacology data –all in one place. Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence™ can help fine chem manufacturers and custom synthesis organizations grow their business by finding and prioritizing new opportunities:

    -Access integrated chemistry, organic synthesis and drug pip...
  • Product Computer System Validation (CSV) Solutions

    ProPharma's validation professionals leverage the latest risk-based Computer System Validation (CSV) and Computer Software Assurance (CSA) techniques to ensure that our clients' systems are ready for inspections from the FDA, EMA, MHRA, and other regulatory agencies. Our consultants have ext...

    One digital platform connecting data-driven decision-making solutions! 
    As a cloud-native modern technology platform, Digital Factory solves for most common production challenges to improve manufacturing visibility & performance with speed and cost-effectiveness. 

    • Modular...
  • Product Levosimendan

    Levosimendan indicated for short-term treatment of acutely decompensated severe chronic heart failure. Form & strength: 2.5mg/ml concentrate for solution for infusion 

  • Product LogSpot - Digital Data Logger - Software Solution

    A Digital Electronic Log Book - That Can Connect , Collect, Record, Analyze, Create Audit Ready Reports Of The Machine Process Parameters & Identify Their Deviations & Generate Real time Alarms . Eliminating The Manual Loggers & Piled Up Paper Logbook In Industries.

    Lab Iconics ADBS is automated backup scheduling software which helps in managing the data backups and archives, in incremental, differential and full backup with encryption and log.  
  • Product Machine Integration : Connected Machines.

    • SCADA to DB: Competency on extracting data from SCADA to central system – direct mapping or reverse mapping. • PLC to DB: Data  extraction by either mapping software or mapping all tags by reverse engineering. • Segregating production network from business network and building security gat...
  • Product Open Sitemaster™

    Optel Group offers a wide range of products which includes Open SiteMaster™. Features: It is a software located at the plant level (L3) that manages serialization data in order to meet product authentication and traceability requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. Contact us for more inforamtion.
  • Product Cortellis Competitive Intelligence™

    Gaining a competitive edge in drug development requires monitoring the current pipeline while keeping an eye to the future. Cortellis Competitive Intelligence™ delivers timely intelligence to survey the entire development landscape and provides comprehensive analysis to forecast trends, threats and opportu...
  • Product Cortellis Generics Intelligence™

    Never miss an opportunity using the most comprehensive intelligence available. Success in the highly competitive generics market requires speed and data-driven decisions to grow your business, defend your market share, stay ahead of competition and identify new markets, products and partners. Have confiden...
  • Product OEE TRACKER

    Track Production, Increase Throughput!
    The OEE Tracker enables you to get instant access to shop-floor production data. Gather data with operator-friendly interfaces, automate & enhance it with IoT sensors, PLC connections  and Digital Factory APIs – then turn it into dashboards that ar...

    Track Your Shop-Floor Assets In Real Time! 
    Many high-value production assets are shared across production lines or zones. This makes it difficult to track available assets or tooling for critical operations. Managing the real-time locations and availability of assets on the shop floor has a majo...
  • Product SCHEDULER

    Visually Manage & Optimize Production Schedules With Shop-Floor Integration
    Scheduling of work orders has a direct influence on production lead times and overall cost. Assignment of work orders to the lines and staff is a complex daily challenge that depends on many variables and constraints. Manu...

    Improve Labor Productivity & Reduce Overtime! 
    Staff activities are one of most influential factors affecting the efficiency and quality of production at the factory floor. Traditional methods can only reveal if staff is present at the factory floor or not, not the real time locations. This l...
  • Product 21CFR SCADA ( Centralized Monitoring & Control ) - Software Solution

    A hardware independent SCADA software provides limitless analytics and reporting needs with built in historian. Very Popular for 21CFR11 Compliance in Pharma industry
  • Product Line Integration Software

    MES Layer Solution For Centralized Data, Record & User Management In Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Product DCDMS ( Distributed Control & Data Management System )

    Distributed Control & Data Management System is our design approach to bring all the automated systems in plant on a single platform with an operational and Database redundancy. It is an application that helps clients to secure and store the data in system as per their IT policy. The key objectives of ...

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