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  • Product Protein Therapeutic Glycosylation studies

    In line with ICH Q6B, we deliver glycosylation analysis for proteins, antibodies, bispecifics including assessment of the glycosylation site, carbohydrate content and glycan structure. With a range of MS approaches, our protein characterisation scientists provide detailed glycosylation studies designed to sup...
  • Product FEMAFERRIN

    FEMAFERRIN, contains Lactoferrin, a circulating protein with a very high binding affinity for iron, providing antimicrobial properties and restoring iron localization through the direct or indirect modulation of hepcidin and ferroprotein synthesis, thus increasing hematological parameters of iron deficien...
  • Product Peptide and Protein Technology

    Almac’s peptide and protein technology offering is a key component within our suite of services.  We offer a complete range of peptide and protein services from catalogue products through to GMP manufacture from early phase to commercial launch.  We have a proven track record in high quality supply,...
  • Product Expert Biophysical Characterization with Cutting-Edge Technologies

    August Bioservices has a Binding Technologies Toolbox that is second to none.

    These case studies highlight our biophysical characterization capabilities, including the state-of-the-art TRIC (Temperature Related Intensity Change) technology which can provide new insights into protein-small molecule bind...
  • Product Biosimilars Testing Services

    Testing services for biosimilars: Our biosimilar analytical comparability programs provide highly relevant data for early stage characterisation and later stage comparison. These programs evaluate and compare all pertinent features of the biosimilar product and are based on the ICH Q6B. Programs encompass ...
  • Product Protein Aggregation Analysis and Characterization

    Analysis and characterization of protein aggregates: The services provided by our experts include a range of protein aggregation analysis techniques that are used to detect and quantify aggregates in solution in support of formulation development, quality control, stability studies, comparability, releas...
  • Product RENANORM

    RENANORM, is a High-Protein / small volume / ready to use intradialytic beverage in 3 natural flavors which compensates amino-acid (AA) losses with documented better efficacy than parenteral AA administration during hemodialysis, resulting in a 30% reduction of all-cause mortality.Nephrology
  • Product PRONUTIM

    PRONUTIM (exclusive Whey Protein Isolate produced by microfiltration and spray drying process) has the regulatory status of FSMP (Food for Special Medical Purposes), as diet for people suffering from severe deficiency of proteins and/or glutathione, which can lead to a variety of health problems. 
  • Product KLEPTOSE® HP HPB - Hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrin

    Kleptose HP and HPB for pharmaceutical applications: parenteral use, syrup oral suspensions. HPBCD increase water solubility and bioavailability.
  • Product Biopharmaceutical Analysis

    Solvias has a solid reputation with market-leading biopharmaceutical companies for the characterization and QC analysis of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), glycoproteins, PEGylated proteins and peptides and biosimilars (follow-on biologics).. This means that businesses of all sizes, even smaller biotechs, can be...
  • Product Gelatin

     Whatever your food application, FoodGel® Gelatin will help you select the gelatin with the right set of functionalities. FoodGel® Gelatin is a perfect ingredient for the food and nutrition markets: clear label, pure protein of natural origin (no e-numbers), fat- and carbohydrate-free. Fro...
  • Product PEARLITOL® BioPharma - Mannitol, low endotoxin, USP, EP, JP

    Suitable for use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and as an excipient for injectable dosage forms.

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