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28 Aug 2020

Supporting global industrial scale-up at a pandemic speed with Type 1 pharma glass containers and timely solutions

In a compressed timeframe, producing large quantities of pharmaceutical glass containers to deliver the coronavirus vaccine around the world is a critical factor for a successful global response. Type 1 glass is a proven and widely available solution for pharma glass containers that preserves the stability of vaccines. Players in the pharmaceutical supply chain are committed to supporting pharmaceutical companies and governments in the fight against the pandemic.


From the beginning of the coronavirus, Stevanato Group, as a leading producer of glass primary packaging and provider of integrated capabilities for drug delivery systems based in Italy, increased its worldwide production capacity of glass containers to secure SARS-CoV-2 treatments and vaccines while protecting its staff.

The company has implemented health and safety measures according to national and regional regulations and maximized the use of remote working and communication systems in all its global operations.

Ensuring the timely supply of high-quality glass primary packaging, technologies and services at a pandemic speed

Conscious of its essential role in addressing the public health emergency, Stevanato Group deployed all its available assets to ensure the timely supply of its integrated offering to healthcare companies. They range from high-quality glass primary packaging, also sterilized, plastic consumables for diagnostic kits for virus detection, advanced analytical testing, visual inspection systems of filled containers, and packaging equipment.

For more information on the integrated offering, click here 

Stevanato Group has also potentiated its digital tools to assist pharmaceutical companies in these times of reduced travel and social distancing, implementing remote FAT and SATs and remote virtual audits.

A dedicated coronavirus taskforce has been active since the beginning of the pandemic to address any commercial inquiry and identify the best suited and timely solution.

Moreover, confirming its strong commitment to the territory in which it was born, Stevanato Group decided to donate an initial amount of EUR 500,000 to support a multitude of healthcare structures operating in the Veneto region.

A significant contribution to the fight of the pandemic: the agreement with CEPI

Last June, Stevanato Group signed an agreement with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), the global partnership at the forefront of funding and coordinating the development of COVID-19 vaccine candidates. The agreement foresees the provision of 100 million pharma glass vials manufactured at its facilities in Italy and Mexico for up to 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines under development and a "fast track" access to Stevanato Group glass forming lines provided by its company Spami.

CEPI is currently investing up to US $829 million in nine SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates. 

Built on the principles of speed, scale, and access, CEPI's diverse coronavirus vaccine portfolio includes many modern and innovative approaches to increase the world's chances of finding a safe, effective, and globally accessible vaccine. The goal is to speed up development of a successful vaccine to an accelerated 12-18-month timeframe. 

Stevanato Group - which produces annually 10 billion units among drug delivery systems, sterile and bulk glass containers, plastic diagnostic and medical components, including proprietary products - has become a key supplier to CEPI’s COVID-19 vaccine programmes.

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