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Tema Sinergie is a pioneer and world leader in the design and manufacture of shielded isolators for the nuclear medicine market. In the recent years, there has been a growing demand for high quality products' and operators' protection systems in the global pharmaceutical market. This ever-increasing trend, which has lately reached its highest peak, has led Tema Sinergie to broaden the focus of the company to customized high-quality stainless steel barrier isolator systems for the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors as an additional business unit. Tema Sinergie, a reliable partner for each and every customer, enhances its position in the pharmaceutical equipment market and promotes internal growth by efficiently responding to existing needs and anticipating industry demands with innovative ideas.

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Products from Tema Sinergie

  • AGLTS - The Automatic Glove Leak Testing System

    Product AGLTS - The Automatic Glove Leak Testing System

    A SMART GUARDIAN FOR YOUR BARRIER ISOLATION TECHNOLOGY It’s advanced. It’s Automatic. It’s above everything you have used so far. The most advanced GMP compliant glove integrity system for isolators and RABs in the pharmaceutical industry, developed in compliance with the international standard ISO 14644-7 Annex E5.
  • AP-IS - Aseptic Processing Isolator System

    Product AP-IS - Aseptic Processing Isolator System

    THE SHORTEST WAY TO A STERILE WORLD. The AP-IS is a cGMP Class A/ISO 5 isolator system specifically designed for QC labs, pilot scale pharmaceutical production and pharmacies. It’s a flexible equipment that guarantees the best working conditions in different applications such as Sterility Testing, Aseptic Filling, Aseptic Dispensing & Sampling and Aseptic Product Transfer. IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR PROCESSES!
  • HC-IS - High Containment Isolator System

    Product HC-IS - High Containment Isolator System

    WHEN THE HIGHEST OPERATOR PROTECTION IS REQUIRED. The High Containment Isolator System (HC-IS) is a GMP Class 2 modular containment enclosure designed for the most challenging containment levels during manipulations of potentially hazardous compounds for Research & Development, Production and QC. CONFINE THE PROCESS, NOT YOURSELF!