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AMOYTOP BIOTECH, the leading manufacturer of recombinant bio-pharmaceutical products in China with cGMP, produces Molgramostim, Filgrastim, Oprelvekin, and Peginterferon alfa 2b, marketing in China and exporting to many countries, and provides bio-reagents for Lab and R&D, such as Interleukin-4, TNF-alfa, IFN-gamma, IL-15, SCF, etc. AMOYTOP is also developing Y-shaped branch PEG Drug Delivery Technology in: Pegfilgrastim, Pegsomatropin and Peg-EPO. AMOYTOP, the first and largest company to launch domestic Molgramostim in China, is Molgramostim Reference Standard supplier to National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC), China. AMOYTOP also provides service as Contract manufacturer and Contract research according to different requirements.

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