A group enterprise integrating research, production and trade. A gathering place for best talents in chemical field. A learning type organization. The company employs a group of master degree holders, doctorate degree holders and doctorate tutors in the fields of chemistry, medicine and farm-chemicals to provide service for research, production and trade.

Yangzhou Chemical Co. Ltd. manufactures and distributes chemical products. The Company produces food additives, paint additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, amino acids, and other chemicals.

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North America (USA, Canada); East Asia (e.g. China, Japan, Korea); Europe - EU countries; Europe - non EU (e.g. UK, Russia, ex-CIS countries); South Asia (e.g. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka); South East Asia (e.g. Thailand, Philippines, Singapore)

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17a -hydroxy progesterone acetate

Yangzhou Chemical Co.,Ltd.

2-hydroxy propiophenone99%min

Yangzhou Chemical Co.,Ltd.

2,3-dichloro benzaldehyde 99%min

Yangzhou Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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