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Made in Switzerland not only stands for high quality and reliability, but also for the passion for intelligent engineering. With a great enthusiasm for simple and efficient solutions, we have already realized many projects worldwide. Zellwag Pharmtech AG specializes in the development and production of filling and sealing systems for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetics industry in the mid...

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Products from Zellwag Pharmtech AG (3)

  • Machines for nested products

    Product Machines for nested products

    Multiformat machine for the filling and closing of nested syringes, vials and cartridges with liquids and semi-solids. A manual / semi-automatic unpack and loading unit for sterile packed "ready to use", nested containers and an automatic remove of Tyvedk foil and slip sheet is integrated. For viscous prod...
  • Linear machines

    Product Linear machines

    Our linear machines are multiformat machines for the filling and closing of vials and bottles with variable closing systems. There is a particle and germ measuring system integrated on board. The machines have a stringent sterile concept and the design allows gassing with hydrogen peroxide. The integration...
  • Rotary machines

    Product Rotary machines

    Multiformat machine for the filling and closing of vials, bottles and jars with variable closing systems. Snap-on and screw-on closures can be used on the same machine. The format change is easy and can be carried out without tools. All electric parameters are saved within recipes, all mechanical setting v...

Zellwag Pharmtech AG Resources (4)

  • Brochure Z-810 R-2 Filling and Closing Machine

    Z-810 R-x Filling and closing of nested containers
  • Brochure Image Broschure

    Zellwag Pharmtech AG develops and builds filling and closing machines for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and
    cosmetics industry in the medium-performance segment. The filling of different container formats on the same machine
    is our specialty. Our systems have a modular and compact design.
  • Brochure Z-201 S-1 Filling and Closing Machine

    - Compact layout
    - Stringent sterile concept
    - Reduced number of format parts: with only 3 prism sets,
    vial / bottle sizes of diameters from 16 mm to 55 mm can
    be processed
    - Easy cleaning: space between machine body and transport
    platform > 100 mm
    - Each process station can be activated or deactivated
    accoding to the process requirements
    - Product outfeed (lyophilisator or labeling machine)
    selectable via HMI
    - Design allows gassing with hydrogen peroxide
    (stainless steel, sealing
  • Whitepaper Use case of the Z-201 S-1

    One of the greatest challenges for manufacturers of high quality medical products is the precise filling of complex and costintensive substances under strongly regulated conditions within a reasonable time-frame.
    A typical example of these requirements is provided by a renowned Swiss company specialized on the development and
    production of biomaterials for the regeneration of bones, cartilage and tissue. With its high requirements towards safety
    standards and quality control the company is denpendent on partners offering professional and individual solutions for
    their production requirements.