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Made in Switzerland not only stands for high quality and reliability, but also for the passion for intelligent engineering. With a great enthusiasm for simple and efficient solutions, we have already realized many projects worldwide. Zellwag Pharmtech AG specializes in the development and production of filling and sealing systems for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetics industry in the mid-range segment. From the first tests in our laboratory to the handover of the system, we plan and build customized, intelligent and resource-saving systems for you. The filling of different container formats on the same machine is our specialty. Simple and fast format changes guarantee maximum flexibility in your production. Our systems are modular and compact in design. The development, programming and assembly takes place in Frauenfeld. As a subsidiary of Rychiger AG, Zellwag Pharmtech AG is building on cooperation in the group and specialized partners as well as on reliable and mature components.

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Products from Zellwag Pharmtech AG

  • Machines for nested products

    Product Machines for nested products

    Multiformat machine for the filling and closing of nested syringes, vials and cartridges with liquids and semi-solids. A manual / semi-automatic unpack and loading unit for sterile packed "ready to use", nested containers and an automatic remove of Tyvedk foil and slip sheet is integrated. For viscous products the filling is carried out under vacuum. For clean room applications the machine is equipped with Laminar Air Flow (LAF) or provides an isolator. The dosing accuracy is +/- 1%. Thanks to the integrated IPC (In Process Control) any container in the nest can be freely chosen for weighing. A central robot system with just one coordinate system for filling and closing under vacuum guarantees an automatic and exact calibration of all operating axes.
  • Linear machines

    Product Linear machines

    Our linear machines are multiformat machines for the filling and closing of vials and bottles with variable closing systems. There is a particle and germ measuring system integrated on board. The machines have a stringent sterile concept and the design allows gassing with hydrogen peroxide. The integration of a safety hood with LAF  (Laminar Air Flow) and a RABS (Restricted Area Barrier System) is possible. The dosing system is CIP / SIP-able.
  • Rotary machines

    Product Rotary machines

    Multiformat machine for the filling and closing of vials, bottles and jars with variable closing systems. Snap-on and screw-on closures can be used on the same machine. The format change is easy and can be carried out without tools. All electric parameters are saved within recipes, all mechanical setting values are reproducible. Torque, rotation angle and position control by the screwing axes, cross control with sensor and automatic ejection of non-conform containers. The system is flexibly expandable.