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  • Product Enzyme kits

    We offer biocatalysts and enzymes for the development of substances used in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and other fine chemicals from initial screening to commercial scale supply. Our range of biocatalysts complement the chiral capabilities of our chemo-catalyst technology offering. Using our biocatal...
  • Product Biocatalysis Solutions

    Biocatalysis Solutions:  Biocatalysts are essential tools in chemical synthesis, particularly in the synthesis of pharmaceutical and fine chemical targets. As highly selective catalysts, they offer a direct and simple way to synthesise complex achiral and chiral compounds. The application of biocata...
  • Product Development of chemo-enzymatic processes

    Inspired by solutions found in biological systems, we are proficient in developing robust chemo-enzymatic processes to produce your target compound. A strong platform on biocatalytic transformations and the ability to develop novel bio-inspired synthesis strategies for your product are our unique selling ...
  • Product Scale-up and demonstration of biotechnological processes

    We offer technical demonstration of biotechnological processes up to the kg scale and are your experienced partner in scaling up processes for enzyme production and/or application of enzyme technology. Our independent approach always allows us to use the most suitable strategy to serve your specific deman...
  • Product Biocatalyst production

    Is the enzyme you are interested in not commercially available and a production needs to be developed? Enzymicals has extensive expertise with scale-up from lab to pilot-scale and technology transfers to industrial manufacturing sites. We can supply your protein by in-house production up to the kg-scale fo...
  • Product Enzyme development

    We develop enzymes for a variety of industries using a proven platform to access unique enzymes from biodiversity. Sequence- and function-driven approaches are ready to support the creation of novel panels of biocatalysts with focus on a single asset with FTO or a strong patent position.

  • Product Enzyme screening & proof-of-concept studies

    We offer tailor made screenings of internal and external enzyme panels to identify applicable off-the-shelf biocatalysts for your target reaction. We integrate analytical services such as method development and validation throughout the process to get a reliable statement about the feasibility of your con...
  • Product Biocatalytic R&D servcies

    Enzyme screening and R&D services
    Enzyme custom development and enzyme manufacturing
    Routescouting, enzyme discovery and improvement Bulk enzyme supplier

  • Product Biocatalytic enzymes for small molecule manufacturing

      Ketoreductases (>250 enzymes)
      Transaminases (>100 enzymes)
      Lactate dehydrogenase, Format dehydrogenase, Glucose

  • Product Enzymes for the degradation of CN, OCN and SCN

    Cyanase Enzymes for the degradation of CN, OCN and SCN

    Potential Applications:
    Detoxification of excess NaCN after cyanation reaction
    Detoxification of NaCN in aqueous waste waters
    Detoxification of metal CN complex solutions (wastes of electroplating processes...
  • Product ReliZymeTM Enzyme Carrier product line

    ReliZyme™ are Resindion products designed for biocatalytic applications. These products are developed for the optimal immobilization of every kind of enzyme thanks to the availability of different chemical linker and/or modulation of the  hydrophilic/hydrophobic balance and porosity of ...
  • Product Customized immobilized products

    A customer oriented policy and a quick customized product development are some of RDN strengths, made possible thanks to the support of a pilot plant for the scale-up and a very skilled R&D technical team . Thanks to the importance that RESINDION places in focusing on R&D activities, we ca...
  • Product Chemical Synthesis and Biotechnological Synthesis

    Inkemia IUCT Group offers a wide range of services which includes synthesis custom research. Features: it includes design and synthesis of new chemical entities ( hit-finding ); hit-to-lead and lead optimization; design and development of synthetic routes; experimental design and optimization of chemical synt...
  • Product Adenosine Deaminase

    Hi tech biosciences offers a wide range of biocatalysis products which includes adenosine deaminase. Features: it provides hydrolytic deamination of purine nucleotides and nucleosides, for use in synthesis of nucleoside analogues for anti-viral drug intermediates. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Ketoreductase

    Hi tech biosciences offers a wide range of biocatalysis products which includes ketoreductase. Features: it provides enantioselective reduction of carbonyl compounds to their corresponding chiral alcohols. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Lipase

    Hi tech biosciences offers a wide range of biocatalysis products which includes lipase. Features: it provides hydrolytic reactions, esterification, transesterification and aminolysis in organic solvents for resolution of racemic mixtures and stereospecific acid or ester formation. Contact us for more informat...
  • Product 1-Aminohydantoin HCL

    1-Aminohydantoin HCL, 2827-56-7
  • Product 5-Nitrofurfural Diacetate

    5-Nitrofurfural Diacetate, 92-55-7

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