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Gareth Carpenter
25 Nov 2020

CPHI Online Report - Pharma Market Trends 2021

Pharma Market Trends 2021

Twelve pharma market trends we anticipate across 2021 for the drug development, manufacturing and outsourcing sectors.

2020 has been one of the most turbulent years in recent history and has cast a shroud of uncertainty over the future. While pharmaceutical companies have proved instrumental in responding to the pandemic through innovation, collaboration and manufacturing expertise, COVID-19 has also raised fresh challenges for the industry to overcome.

In this trend report, we explore the key opportunities, disruptors and dynamics which the industry will face throughout 2021.

Pharma’s response to the pandemic in terms of vaccines development and distribution of treatments has grabbed the majority of the headlines but the major issues facing the industry are by no means exclusively coronavirus related.

In interviews with key industry experts, this report identifies key trends that we anticipate throughout 2021, as pharmaceutical manufacturing and outsourcing continue to respond not only to the challenges that the ongoing global crisis has presented, but also to evolving obstacles and hurdles that are typical in such a highly-regulated sector.

Key pharma market trends for 2021:

  1. Supply chain resilience to take precedence over reshoring of active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing
  2. Pandemic accelerates digital transformation of API sourcing and trading
  3. Suppy chain security and patient centricity focus
  4. Cure vs. treatment model shifts CDMO contracts from volume to value
  5. A gradual breakthrough for continuous manufacturing of APIs
  6. COVID-19 vaccines to take central stage
  7. Vaccine distribution and roll-out
  8. Industry fight against antimicrobial resistance to gain prominence
  9. Enablers of precision medicine: next-generation sequencing
  10. Continuing consolidation in the pharma contract services sector
  11. Emerging pharma markets will be key to expansion of pharma and biopharma capabilities
  12. Rise in biosimilar applications due to patent expiries

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