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Cyclolab Ltd strengthens its position in the market

1 Jul 2019

Cyclolab Ltd. is an R&D and cGMP manufacturing company focusing on all aspects of cyclodextrin science, manufacturing and applications for cyclodextrin, Dexolve, Sugammadex, formulation development, custom synthesis, Niemann Pick C.

The Cyclolab Cyclodextrin R&D Laboratory is the world's only all-round cyclodextrin biotech company and has operated as a small R&D company for over 25 years.

Recent changes in the world market and economy revealed the need for a change in the company’s business portfolio, which is why we have decided to share the resources between R&D activity and establishment of manufacturing facilities that enable the production of cyclodextrins in larger scale under GMP circumstances.

To maintain and strengthen our position in the market, CycloLab dedicates special attention to invention and developing patentable technologies, highlighted by the over 130 patents filed by the company so far.

CycloLab committed its operations to serve the pharmaceutical industry by participating in early phase drug development studies (feasibility, formulation optimization, bioequivalence, etc), analysis and GMP manufacturing of various cyclodextrin derivatives to be applied as excipients as well as exploring new applications of CDs such as proteins stabilization, non-viral gene delivery or re-discovery as APIs for several therapeutic areas.

Our goal is to help our partners in the successful development of cyclodextrin-based products via supply of the highest quality cyclodextrins and providing services (analytical, formulation development, custom synthesis or GMP manufacturing). We discover proprietary applications for cyclodextrins and join in collaborations, or out-license these to other companies.

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