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  • Product Recipharm Analytical Solutions™

    Through Recipharm Analytical Solutions™, we support customers with stand-alone analytical requirements. Our analytical development team has experience from developing hundreds of analytical methods every year, supporting development of formulations ranging from powder in capsules and IV solutions to ER tablet...
  • Product Inhalation Drug Product Development Services

    Services for the development of inhalation drugs: Our team have over 30 years of experience supporting our clients' product development for orally inhaled or nasal drug products (OINDP). This includes formulation, stability, testing, product performance testing, in vitro bioequivalence studies, CMC su...
  • Product Early stage formulation Development & Process Design

    We have extensive experience in solving complex formulation challenges. Our experts can apply our extensive range of proprietary technologies for immediate (IR) and modified (MR) / sustained, slow (SR) / controlled (CR) / extended (XR, ER) / pulsed / timed release as well as enteric and gastro retentiv...
  • Product Analytical Services & EU Batch Certification

    Method Development and validation
    Stability Studies
    European testing & batch certification

  • Product 21 CRF Part 11 & EU GMP annex 7

    ManageArtworks has built-in features to help your organization enhance your compliance:

    • Access Control with Password PoliciesUser and Role based Security Settings • Audit Trails with Timestamps • Electronic Signatures with Authentication and Logging • SSL based communication
  • Product Contract Development Services

    Famar R&D is offering a complete set of Contract Development services.

    • Formulation and process development for Rx, Gx, OTC, Cosmetics (Solids, Semi-solids /liquids dosage forms, Sterile liquids & Lyophilized powders) and Medical Devices • Analytical methods development and validation  ...

    TECNALIA, experts in Pharmaceutical Development, Scale-up & Pilot Batches Manufacturing, Clinical Trials and Contract Manufacturing

    • Preformulation studies.
    • Design and galenic developmen...
  • Product Development Service

    Lomapharm GmbH provides wide range of services which includes development service. It provides the whole range of control services - from raw material testing to stability testing according to GMP and ICH regulations. One of the main areas of competence and experience is also available for galenic develo...
  • Product GMP Analytical development and validation services

    As part of our turnkey custom development offer.
  • Product Analytical Services

    Solvias provides cGMP-compliant contract analytical services to help you ultimately provide safer products to consumers. We provide a comprehensive range of analytical services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and cosmetics industry with similar regulatory requirements for raw materials,...
  • Product Analytical Services - Inhaled Products

    With extensive, state-of-the-art analytical testing facilities and equipment, our expert teams are able to develop and validate the methodologies required to characterise inhaled delivery platforms, especially DPI, pMDI and nebulised products.

    To ensure seamless support for your development, w...
  • Product Expert Center Particles

    Particulate impurities of medicines caused by organic or inorganic particles can pose considerable health risks to patients.

    In addition to compendial particulate matters testing, OFI runs an expert center to identify the cause of impurities. We use highly sophisticated analytical methods,...
  • Product Impurities

    Impurities from API synthesis and degradation products
    • Development and validation of chromatographic testing procedures for purity testing of drug substances and drug products as well as medical devices and drug-device combination products • Development of stability indicating methods includ...
  • Product Analytical Services

    ChemCon’s analytics team takes care of your inquiries if you are looking for ICH-compliant quality control, GMP validation, release analysis, impurity determination, reference standards or answers to other analytical queries. Close, outcome-oriented communication is the key to a successful partnership: W...
  • Product Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

    With a full analytical package for Biologics, Quality Assistance provides scientific and technical support to biopharmaceutical companies developing Antibody-Drug Conjugates. Thanks to our combined experience with small molecule cytotoxics and monoclonal antibodies, we can provide full analyt...
  • Product Integrated Drug Substance-Drug Product development

    Process R&D, Custom manufacturing, formulation development, Clinical supplies, safety assessment
  • Product Formulation Development

    Element’s formulation scientists provide pharmaceutical pre-formulation and formulation development services that help enhance delivery performance and stability of your parenteral, ophthalmic, and topical drug products. Element has experience in working with both large and small molecule focused clients that...
  • Product FRESHWRAP

    Microwave Oven Paper
  • Product Clinical API Development

    CARBOGEN AMCIS has a DNA in API development, stretching back over 30 years. Our API development teams are selected for their passion for science and experience in the application of phase-appropriate efforts to solve challenging chemistry issues. From taking a promising molecule from our clients' medicin...
  • Product CordenPharma Drug Product Support Services

    • Analytical Development
    • Validation Support
    • Regulatory Support
    • Clinical Supply Services

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