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  • Product Pascorbin®

    Therapy of clinical vitamin C deficiency conditions that cannot be eliminated nutritionally or substituted orally. Benefits: • the only approved vitamin C high-dose infusion in Germany and Europe • Pascorbin® gets directly into the bloodstream and immediately supplies you with vitamin C • ...
  • Product Krill Oil

    Unique and patented production process results in nutrient-rich 100% pure Krill Oil. Krill Oil is a very rich and highly bioavailable source of the marine omega-3 fatty acids DHA/EPA in the form of phospholipids. It also contains a natural high content of the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin.

    A ...
  • Product Onko BCG 100

    BCG for immunotherapy.
    The product is intended for treatment of superficial, epithelial non-invasive urothelial carcinomas (carcinoma urotheliale Ta, Tis, T1)

    1 ampoule or 1 vial with the powder contains:
    Live attenuated bacilli Bacillus Calmette-Guerin, Brazilian BCG Moreau substrain ...
  • Product ATB-301

    [TGF-β2 Targeting ASO (TASO) + IL-2 Combination therapy] - Phase Ib

    1. Confirm the potential of TGF-β2 as a biomarker in human blood and tumor tissues from the efficacy result of Phase Ib clinical trial on cancer patients 

    2. Confirm the suppression of IL-2’s side effect in combinati...
  • Product LYL sunD3 (high absorption Vitamin D3 in spray form)

    Vitamin D3 with highest proven absorption in market. Globally over 1 billion people are in vitamin D3 deficient. Ours - clinically proven to increase D3 level in avg. by 132% in 30 days. • 75% more effective than other water and oil-based vitamins D (proven in-vivo and in-vitro test) • Efficient also...
  • Product 3BNC117 - A Novel Broad-spectrum HIV Neutralizing Antibody

    3BNC117 is one of the most effective broad-spectrum HIV neutralizing antibodies. Several phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials have been conducted in the US, showing 3BNC117 not only blocks viral replication like other AIDS drugs, but also induces immune response to HIV and HIV-infected cells. Combining 3...

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