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  • Product PRONUTIM SOD

    PRONUTIM SOD contains exclusive Whey Protein Isolate produced by microfiltration and spray drying process, with the addition of microencapsulated vegetable superoxide dismutase (SOD), which provides additional contribution to a protein diet. The SOD microencapsulation provides an enteric-coating protection ab...
  • Product Protein Characterization and Analysis (ICH Q6B)

    Services for protein analysis and characterization, including analysis of the protein structure, physicochemical properties, biological activity, immunochemical properties, and purity and impurities determination, in accordance with the ICH Q6B Guidelines for Protein Analysis and Characterization.
  • Product Pur Q fused Quartz vials

    99.995% purity for unparalleled chemical durability
  • Product ATB-301

    Combination therapy of TGF-β2 Targeting Antisense Oligonucleotide (TASO) + IL-2

    ATB-301 is a new drug candidate for combined anti-cancer treatment of TGF-β selective inhibitor, TASO and IL-2.

    In-vitro : Verified synergistic effect by TASO+IL-2 combination therapy on breast c...
  • Product LYL sunD3 (high absorption Vitamin D3 in spray form)

    Vitamin D3 with highest proven absorption in market. Globally over 1 billion people are in vitamin D3 deficient. Ours - clinically proven to increase D3 level in avg. by 132% in 30 days. • 75% more effective than other water and oil-based vitamins D (proven in-vivo and in-vitro test) • Efficient also fo...
  • Product Goodvit drops

    Natural drops contain natural vitamins.
    Vitamin D3
    Vitamin K2
    Vitamin D3+K2
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin ADEK
  • Product Goodvit caps

    Natural drops contain natural vitamins.
    Vitamin D3
    Vitamin K2
    Vitamin D3+K2
    Vitamin C

    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin MultiVitamin
  • Product Pascorbin®

    Therapy of clinical vitamin C deficiency conditions that cannot be eliminated nutritionally or substituted orally. Benefits: • the only approved vitamin C high-dose infusion in Germany and Europe • Pascorbin® gets directly into the bloodstream and immediately supplies you with vitamin C • thu...
  • Product 3BNC117 - A Novel Broad-spectrum HIV Neutralizing Antibody

    3BNC117 is one of the most effective broad-spectrum HIV neutralizing antibodies. Several phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials have been conducted in the US, showing 3BNC117 not only blocks viral replication like other AIDS drugs, but also induces immune response to HIV and HIV-infected cells. Combining 3BNC...

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