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  • Product Risper 2MG

    Risperidone 2 mg
  • Product Bactaz 4.5GM Vial

    Piperacillin & Tazobactam
  • Product SOMAÍ Vape Oil Cartridges

    Sativa Dominant Day Terpenes Blends and Indica Dominant Night Terpenes Blends
  • Product CordenPharma Highly Potent APIs

    With over 25 years of experience in the handling of Highly Potent Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), CordenPharma utilises sophisticated technologies and the combined capabilities of multiple global cGMP facilities to produce Highly Potent pharmaceutical Drug Products and their API...
  • Product Pellets & Granules

    Pellets & Granules 
  • Product Injectable Sodium Hyaluronate bulk

    Altergon offers a wide range of drug products which includes injectable Sodium Hyaluronate. It is used in viscosupplement devices, ophthalmic, viscoelastic devices, fillers etc. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Sildenafil Citrate

    Sildenafil is a medication used in the management and treatment of erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. 
  • Product TECA™ Pharma

    First Centella asiatica extract to be used for medicinal applications, TECA™ Pharma comes with a 50-year track record of use in drug products for wound healing and venous insufficiency.
    • INCI: Asiaticoside - Madecassic Acid - Asiatic Acid • 40% Asiaticoside, 60% Genins • Powder form • From 0.1 ...
  • Product Atorvastatin

    Centrient Pharmaceuticals provides wide range of drug products which includes atorvastatin. Dosage form: film-coated tablets. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Chlorhexidine Base

    Chlorhexidine Base, with reduced residual solvent and impurities.
  • Product GENERIC API

    2-Aminoheptane SulfateAlverine Citrate
    Amifampridine Phosphate
    Carglumic Acid
    Chlophedianol HCl
    Chloropyramine HCl
    Guanfacine HCl
    Isopropamide Iodide
    Labetalol HCl
    Landiolol HCl
  • Product Polysorbate 80 / Hedisan-80 (API)

    Hedisan-80 is a high quality Polysorbate 80. The product is produced at Kolb in Hedingen. The site has been authorised by SwissMedic to manufacture and distribute active pharmaceutical ingredients and is subject to regular GMP inspections. Kolb has a broad portfolio of non-ionic surfactants with polysor...
  • Product Cannabidiol (CBD)

    Our product is an API-grade CBD purified naturally from the Hemp Plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid, a non-psychoactive molecule present in the Cannabaceae family of plants. CBD has been demonstrated as an effective treatment of epilepsy in several clinical trials. There is also preliminar...
  • Product Ectoin | Ectoine | medEctoin

    medEctoin is the only "Made in Germany" and 100% natural ectoine in the market qualified for the use in Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Products and Medical Devices. bitops medEctoin (INCI: Ectoin) is a clinically studied and proven, very tolerable substance with inflammation-reducing and membranze-stabilizing...
  • Product Etoposide

    Etoposide is an antineoplastic agent and an epipodophyllotoxin (a semisynthetic derivative of the podophyllotoxins). It inhibits DNA topoisomerase II, thereby ultimately inhibiting DNA synthesis. Etoposide is cell cycle dependent and phase specific, affecting mainly the S and G2 phases. Two different dose-...
  • Product Hydroxyethyl Starch (HES)

    HES containing solutions for infusion are indicated for treatment of hypovolaemia due to acute blood loss when crystalloids alone are not considered sufficient.
  • Product Rezafungin

    Rezafungin is a next-generation, semi-synthetic, cyclic lipopeptide and echinocandin derivative, with potential antifungal activity. 
  • Product APIs and Intermediates

    Pfizer CentreOne has been a leading provider of specialty APIs for more than 40 years.

    • We make a specific segment of complex compounds:

    Cortico- and hormonal steroids • Prostaglandins • Antibiotics Our Kalamazoo, Michigan, facility, located in the heart of the United States,...
  • Product Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    Actylis manufactures and supplies a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to many generic drug companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Active pharmaceutical ingredients are the active components of a drug product. Actylis is a valued partner in our clients' effort to develop and mar...
  • Product Apalutamide

    Grade:  Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API)Chemical name: 4-[7-[6-cyano-5-(trifluoromethyl)pyrid in-3-yl]-8-oxo-6-sulfanylidene-5,7-diazaspiro[3.4]octan-5-yl]-2-fluoro-N-methylbenzamide
    Molecular Formula: C21H15F4N5O2S
    Molecular Weight: 477.43g/mol

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