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Samyang Biopharm is specialized in commercialization of first generics and drug delivery system (DDS)-based modified drugs for cancer tratment and development of small-molecule drugs, new biologic drugs, and cancer virus vaccines. 

Samyang Biopharm is exporting its oncology products to more than 25 countries and its cytotoxic manufacturing facility is authorized by authorities from Kor...

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Products from Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corp (3)

  • APIs

    Product APIs

    [Cytotoxic APIs] 

    Paclitaxel Produced by fermentation
    Paclitaxel Produced by a semi-synthetic process
    Docetaxel, anhydrous 

    Package: Up to 500g per request

    *If you need further information on our APIs,...
  • CDMO service

    Product CDMO service

    [Oncology CDMO Service for Cytotoxic Injectables]

    Product: Lyophilized Vials, Liquid Vials

    [Current Plant]

    - Certification: EU GMP, JGMP, KGMP, PIC/s

    - Production: Cytotoxic APIs, Cytotoxic Injectables (Liquid, Lyophilized vials) 

    - Capacity: 10~2...
  • FDFs

    Product FDFs

    Oncology products:
    Genexol PM (Paclitaxel)
    Nanoxel M (Docetaxel)
    Zolenic (Zoledronic acid)
    Injectables (Paclitaxel, Docetaxel, Oxaliplatin)
    Patch Products:
    Fentaderm (Fentanyl)
    Demencure (Rivastigmine)
    Nicostop (Nicotine)
    Rheumastop (Diclofenac Diethylammonium)
    Anigderm (Nitro...

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