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SHL Medical is a world-leading solutions provider in the design, development, and manufacturing of advanced delivery devices such as autoinjectors and pen injectors. We also provide final assembly, labeling, and packaging services for leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe. With locations in Switzerland, Taiwan, Sweden, and the US, SHL has successfully built a strong international team of experts that develop breakthrough drug delivery solutions for our pharma and biotech customers. These include advanced reusable and disposable injectors that can accommodate high volume and high viscosities, and connected device technologies for next-generation healthcare.

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Products from SHL Medical

  • Molly® Autoinjector

    Product Molly® Autoinjector

    The Molly® and Molly® 2.25 autoinjectors feature an ultra-compact design and easy-to-use interface. Built upon a modular platform technology, Molly® meets the evolving requirements for self-injection devices, such as flexible manufacturing and customizable design options.
  • Needle Isolation Technology (NIT®)

    Product Needle Isolation Technology (NIT®)

    NIT® is a safety solution that eliminates the need for manual needle attachment in cartridge-based injections. It enables cartridges to be built into autoinjectors, supporting treatments beyond the 2.25 mL fill range and lyophilized drugs requiring dual-chamber containers.
  • High Volume & High Viscosity Solutions

    Product High Volume & High Viscosity Solutions

    SHL offers a versatile range of autoinjectors and wearable systems that enable the delivery of protein biologics for larger fill volumes and liquid viscosities. These systems are designed to help our customers bring their innovative treatments to the hands of patients.
  • Expertise & Capabilities

    Product Expertise & Capabilities

    SHL’s commitment to innovation has driven our leadership in the drug delivery industry. We offer vertically integrated expertise and capabilities to ensure the production of our self-injection systems are delivered with unparalleled speed, quality, and reliability.

SHL Medical Resources

  • News Beyond the platform – applying modularity to autoinjector development

    SHL’s Molly® and Molly® 2.25 mL autoinjectors are built upon a proven modular platform technology to support shorter development timelines and increased flexibility in device design and production.
  • Technical Data SHL Products

    Working with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, we develop advanced drug delivery systems, including disposable and reusable injection devices and systems with fixed or variable dosing, high dose accuracy, and the ability to accommodate high volumes and high viscosities. ​

  • Video Final Assembly, Labelling and Packaging

    SHL’s CMO services were established to create added value for our partners following the successful design and development of their device, resulting in a fully integrated service from device design to commercialization.

  • Video The Makings of an Autoinjector

    SHL’s commitment to our partners as well as the patients they serve stems from a culture deeply rooted in our corporate vision − that of delivering quality and leadership through innovative solutions that empower people.

  • Video The SHL Experience

    Through an ensemble of rich multimedia content introducing our expertise and capabilities, visitors will be able to see our machine systems and experts at work on developing the devices that we are so proud of.