Molly® Connected Cap

Product Description

The Molly® Connected Cap is a compact, retrofittable autoinjector add-on that records and transmits data on patients’ use of the device. Upon cap removal from the Molly device, the Connected Cap becomes active, allowing timestamped data to be relayed either through a smartphone app or smart data transmission hub to the cloud.

  • Easy to integrate: platform technology enables introduction of digitally enhanced autoinjector variants for new or existing Molly autoinjectors
  • Easy to operate: no additional training needed for healthcare providers/patients
  • Easy to transfer data: utilization of the Bluetooth® beacon technology where pairing is not required
  • Easy to assemble: retrofittable module for flexible assembly options (clinical and commercial delivery), supported by SHL Medical’s vertically integrated capabilities
  • Easy to disassemble: designed to support return-refurbish-recycle program

SHL Medical

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  • 2020
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Drug delivery device Supplier/Manufacturer
  • Details
    • Device type: Connected add-on for autoinjectors
    • Compatibility Molly and Molly 2.25 autoinjectors
    • Detection technology: Mechanical sensor
    • Parameter monitoring: Autoinjector cap removal
    • Mode of communication: Bluetooth® beacon connectivity
    • Battery shelf life: Minimum of 12 months | Single use
    • Software integration: Option to integrate with SHL or third-party digital ecosystems
  • Selling Points
    • Based on proven Molly modular autoinjector platform technology
    • Supported by SHL’s Every Injection Counts programFlexible assembly options for clinical and commercial delivery
    • Designed to be compatible with various medical data systems,IoT devices, and apps
    • No user assembly or pairing required
    • Designed to be stored together with drugs in refrigerated environment
    • Does not impose on existing autoinjector usability
    • Designed for recyclability of batteries and electronics
  • Model
    Connected Cap
  • Measured In

SHL Medical

  • CH
  • 2020
    On CPHI since
  • 2
  • 5000+
Company types
Drug delivery device Supplier/Manufacturer

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    SHL Medical is pleased to announce the release of its 2023 sustainability report, which details the company’s ongoing efforts and accomplishments in sustainability and innovation. 
  • Video Make Every Injection Count with Molly® Connected Cap

    Ready to embark on a journey where connectivity meets autoinjectors? Dive into the world of SHL Medical’s Molly® Connected Cap and experience the future of healthcare. Driven by its experience with commercializing over three dozen autoinjectors worldwide, including 17 combination product projects from the market-proven Molly modular platform technology, SHL Medical developed the Molly Connected Cap autoinjector – an agile solution that supports remote adherence monitoring for personalized care.
    Explore the webpage to learn how Molly Connected Cap can help transform patients’ treatment journey:
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    SHL Medical and AARDEX Group announced their strategic partnership aimed at delivering an end-to-end solution for pharma customers seeking to demonstrate patient adherence within clinical trials.
  • Video Molly® Modular Platform Autoinjector

    SHL embarked on a journey of transformation with the Molly® autoinjector. After successfully supporting the development of more than a dozen combination products globally, we decide to take the innovation up a notch. 
    THIS is the next generation of Molly and Molly 2.25. Built upon a modular platform technology, Molly now offers flexibility beyond a conventional platform model that spans across the development processes. 

    Get an in-depth understanding of how Molly works to address the varying requirements of the industry and learn more about SHL's offerings at our website.

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    SHL Medical and AARDEX Group announced their strategic partnership aimed at delivering an end-to-end solution for pharma customers seeking to demonstrate patient adherence within clinical trials.
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    The constant evolution of drug formulations across various disease areas opens a wider avenue for subcutaneous drug delivery. SHL Medical's Maggie® is a cartridge-based autoinjector that requires just two steps to operate. Built with the market-proven Needle Isolation Technology (NIT®), the device can accommodate varying formulations with volumes up to 3 mL. Following that, SHL Medical is excited to introduce Maggie 5.0 − the newest member of our NIT device family, developed to potentially accommodate injection volumes previously not considered by traditional autoinjectors.
  • News Committed to a sustainable future: SHL Medical’s Sustainability Report 2022

    SHL Medical announced today the release of its Sustainability Report for 2022. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s efforts to promote sustainability and outlines its commitment to a sustainable future.
  • Brochure Your drug delivery partner with proven track record

    From design to mass production, SHL Medical's end-to-end device development infrastructure ensures the lasting value of self-injection systems that we design and develop with our customers. Our comprehensive in-house manufacturing capabilities and expertise include every core competency and value-added services across the product lifecycle. 30 years of pioneering the drug delivery industryOver 50 combination products launchedTop 25 bio/pharmaceutical companies in partnership Over 2,000 granted patents in current portfolio
  • News SHL Medical acquires 100% of the shares in Swiss company LCA Automation

    SHL Medical announces the acquisition of LCA Automation AG, a Swiss innovative automation solutions provider. The acquisition is SHL Medical’s response to the growing market demand for drug delivery solutions and will support its manufacturing operations globally, especially the upcoming Swiss manufacturing site in Zug.  
  • Technical Data SHL Medical Products

    Working with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, we develop advanced drug delivery systems, including disposable and reusable injection devices and systems with fixed or variable dosing, high dose accuracy, and the ability to accommodate high volumes and high viscosities. ​

  • News SHL Medical and MoonLake Immunotherapeutics collaborate to develop sonelokimab autoinjector

    SHL Medical, a world-leading provider of advanced drug delivery solutions, announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with MoonLake Immunotherapeutics, a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on creating next-level therapies for inflammatory diseases, to develop an autoinjector for clinical and potential commercial supply of MoonLake’s Nanobody® sonelokimab based on SHL Medical’s Molly® autoinjector technology.
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    SHL’s CMO services were established to create added value for our partners following the successful design and development of their device, resulting in a fully integrated service from device design to commercialization.

  • News SHL Medical further strengthens vertical capabilities with the acquisition of US manufacturer Superior Tooling Inc.

    Continuing its ambitious growth journey, SHL Medical has acquired Superior Tooling Inc., a US-based manufacturing company specializing in plastic injection molds. The integration of Superior Tooling will strengthen the SHL’s inhouse manufacturing capabilities, particularly for its upcoming US manufacturing site in North Charleston, SC, scheduled to begin operations in mid-2024.
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    SHL’s commitment to our partners as well as the patients they serve stems from a culture deeply rooted in our corporate vision − that of delivering quality and leadership through innovative solutions that empower people.

  • News SHL Medical acquires Swiss toolmaking company SMC Mould Innovation

    SHL Medical, a leading provider of drug delivery solutions worldwide, furthers its expansion strategy by acquiring SMC Mould Innovation, a Swiss manufacturer specialising in high-performance injection molding tools, based in Hallau. 
  • Video The SHL Experience

    Through an ensemble of rich multimedia content introducing our expertise and capabilities, visitors will be able to see our machine systems and experts at work on developing the devices that we are so proud of.


  • News ten23 health® and SHL Medical announce a strategic partnership agreement for integrated services

    SHL Medical, a world-leading provider of drug delivery devices, and ten23 health®, a leading Swiss Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for sterile drugs, announced strategic partnership to provide a streamlined offering for pharmaceutical and biotech companies that require sterile drug/device combination products.
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  • Brochure SHL Medical achieves EcoVadis® Silver Medal and sets climate targets

    SHL Medical hits two sustainability milestones, propelling the company into the top 8% among industry leaders in the drug delivery sector.
  • Webinar The Integration of Digital With Mechanical: Explorations of Connectivity and Data Generation via Our Innovation Partnership Program for the Molly Autoinjector

    Abstract: Digital health solutions create myriad possibilities in terms of enabling “beyond the pill” health outcomes. However, the path to streamlining a strategic approach between pharma and its development partners toward creating smart combination products remains a challenge. With a general consensus that developers must accurately determine in advance what users want, many companies wait upon the success of early players as a determinant to foray into digital health. This philosophy, however, disregards the heterogeneity of combination products in development along with the diversity of clinical or patient-reported outcomes measures. Here, we present a dissection of SHL’s Innovation Partnership program along with our connected device offering – both of which allows us to flexibly collaborate with any pharmaceutical partner in the development of connected therapeutics.