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    Cough syrup of 182 g (approximately 140 ml) in plastic bottle. Also available without preservatives in glass bottle.
    +12 years

    Treats dry and productive cough and protects the mucosa

    Contains marshmallow, ribwort plantain and p...
  • Product CleanSpace® HALO Powered Air-Purifying Respirator

    CLEANSPACE HALO: PROTECTING FRONTLINE STAFF FROM AIRBORNE CONTAMINANTS.   The gold standard in Personal Respiratory Protection for workers in clinical settings. A powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) designed for high protection, comfort and cost effectiveness
    • Approved PAPR wi...
  • Product Forwarts

    Forwarts is an innovative solution for the treatment of warts and verruca’s. It treats warts effective, easy and in a matter of seconds. Forwarts is the first OTC product based on the modern, direct and continuous freezing technique. This is possible due to its innovative and patented valve system. q...
  • Product Packaging

    Packaging solution for your implant. 
  • Product Dosecare

    Dosecare is a dosing syringe for oral liquids.

    It differs from the others as it allows you to simply and intuitively save the dose of liquid to be administered. Therefore once the dose is set, dosing errors are prevented, time is saved, there is no waste and soiling.

    Those u...
  • Product Soudeuses à défilement / Rotary sealer

    Présent dans plus de 50 pays, LEF développe de nouvelles gammes de soudeuses, adaptées aux différentes méthodes de conditionnement stérile.
  • Product UTI Urinary Tract Infections / Cystitis

    D-Mannose sachets, To Go sticks, effervescents and capsules.
  • Product NEBUVIS IRRITATED EYES - Eye Spray

    Product: Eyebright extract (Euphrasia officinalis) Eye spray
    Main indication: Irritated and Red eyes
    Other Indications: Eye Discomfort (Due to prolonged contact lenses wearing time; ocular discomfort due to closed, smoky or air conditioned environments; foreign body s...
  • Product Customized Plastic Primary packing and drug delivery devices Platform devices

    Special Primary packaging containers / systems 
    Drug delivery devices, such as applicators / DPI's / barrel plunger applicators etc.
  • Product Flexopeel Pouches

    Pouches made of Tyvek and film
  • Product Finished Product Concepts

    Our product concepts combine patent-protected Active Medical Ingredients™ and uniquely designed medical applicators. The primary development goal is to meet the user's needs for safety, efficacy, reliability and convenience. Our current product range includes finished product concepts in the fo...
  • Product Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Cartoning Machines
    Clocked horizontal cartoning machines for folding boxes, also with 5th flap Solo or inline systems
    Leaflet folding for package inserts, max.: 210 x 600 mm
    Coding, code reader, data matrix code (with / without serial number) q...
  • Product Moulds for Drug Delivery Devices

    Moulds for Auto Injectors, Insuline Pens, Pre filled Syringes
  • Product KELAPHER® 2.B (single-use)

    Medical device Class IIb The Kelapher 2.B single-use is the most specialized product of our portfolio. Kelapher Cream-Single Use speeds the healing process and is very useful in the treatment of dystrophic-dyschromic skin alteration conditions such as: Post-operative bruisingPost-sclerotherapy haemos...
  • Product Cleanroom packaging materials - plastic bags / film / tubes - Reinraumverpackungen aus Kunststoff - Beutel, Säcke, Folien, Schlauch

    Primary / Secondary packaging materials for Pharmaceuticals / API / Medical Devices / Implants / ComponentsPrimär / Sekundärverpackung für Pharmazie / Medizintechnik / Implantate / Komponenten
  • Product Live at Pharmapack: Practical Measures for Improving Sustainability and Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Medical Devices

    Don't miss Charlie Dean's talk on "Practical Measures for Improving Sustainability and Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Medical Devices", where he'll be discussing:

    • How you can improve the sustainability of your medical device
    • Which design variants can minimise your carbon footp...
  • Product Suture packaging with outstanding peel opening

    The demands on surgical packaging is extreme in many ways. Sterility and avoidance of contamination is of course crucial for the patient safety while controlled easy opening is decisive for the performance in the operating theatres.

    The AR Packaging Transofoil® Coldform solution is a custo...
  • Product Molly® Autoinjector

    The Molly® and Molly® 2.25 autoinjectors feature an ultra-compact design and easy-to-use interface. Built upon a modular platform technology, Molly® meets the evolving requirements for self-injection devices, such as flexible manufacturing and customizable design options.
  • Product Medical devices for gynecological application

    INGE produces medical devices for vaginal liquid products, creams and suppositories. 50 ml to 180 ml bottles for vaginal shower made of a soft, easily compressible material, also Green. Bottles are available in various shapes - cylindrical or elliptical - customizable with front and back engraving and one-col...
  • Product BF50 HT Automatic Blistering-Thermoforming Machine

    BF50 HT is an automatic thermoforming-blistering machine with alternating pitch designed for the realization of blister for the packaging of medical devices such as syringes, vials, bottles and ampoules, in addition to the blister packaging of different kinds of liquid and solid products, pharmaceutical p...

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