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  • Product SG EZ-fill ISS - Integrated Safety System

    The continuing desire to reduce needlestick injuries led us to develop the SG EZ-fill Integrated Safety System. This groundbreaking, fully passive needle shield comes ready to fill and requires no additional assembly steps. SG ISS is both easy to use and intuitive to handle. Activating the automatic shield...
  • Product SG EZ-fill ITC - Integrated Tip Cap

    The Integrated Tip Cap has been developed to be the ideal match for SG EZ-fill(R) luer lock cone syringes with its twist-off closure system. The Integrated Tip Cap comprises of a rubber component inserted in a rigid plastic cap, screwed onto a luer lock adaptor and then pre-assembled on the SG EZ-fill syri...
  • Product InsulCheck® DOSE Pen Injector Add-On

    InsulCheck DOSE by Innovation Zed is a reusable add-on device that automatically transfers injection time and dialed dose units to a mobile application. Built with a customizable sleeve and firmware over-the-air (FOTA) capability, InsulCheck dose can accommodate any pen injector and continuously imp...
  • Product Autonomy solutions for assembly machines

    DESOTEC offers systems and solutions to increase the autonomy at assembly machines
  • Product Primary Actuator for Wearable Ambulatory Infusion Pump

    •Expanded range of volume selection: 10 to over 250mL (patient convenience considerations)•Wide range of viscosity selection: 1-50cP
    •Expanded range of infusion time selection: minutes to long hours
    •Slower flow rate range: 0.01-0.04mL/s or 0.6-2.5mL/min
    •Single and multiple injection/needle sites...
  • Product Ypsomed Delivery Systems (YDS)

    Ypsomed Delivery Systems (YDS) provides a complete range of technologies and services for reliable and user-friendly injection systems for self-medication.
  • Product DWK Life Sciences Pipette Forming

    DWK Life Sciences is an established glass pipette manufacturer to the Diagnostics, Healthcare, Homeopathy and Personal Care sectors across the globe. Utilizing DWK's extensive manufacturing and development capabilities, our flexible product offering includes standard and custom pipettes. Glass dropper pi...
  • Product Glass Ampoules

    Type I Neutral Borosilicate glass Glass Ampuoles with brimfull capacities from 1 ml to 30 ml Clear and amber colour ISO Forms B, C and D, we can also customize special shapes One Point Cut (OPC), Colour Break Ring (CBR) and Score Ring (SC) With optimized opening forces. Up to three colored coded identifica...
  • Product Re-Vario™ & Re-Vario™ A Injection Pens

    The Re-Vario is a re-usable pen platform with a anodized aluminium body to provide years of reliability. The Re-Vario™ A is a high quality, plastic re-usable pen.

    The product platform (Re-Vario™ / Re-Vario™ A) is the basis for a re-usable, variable dose injection device designed for use...
  • Product Micro Battery for small medical devices

    -High energy density
    High energy density has been achieved owing to the Murata's original high-precision material-mixing technology. The use of antioxidant, high performance separators also contributes to improved storage characteristics.

    -Series Lineup
    High Drain types are i...
  • Product Pressings

    Advanex’s production system is fully equipped with both multi-forming machines and press machines, allowing us to produce simple forms through to complex components. Our multi-forming technique provides Advanex with the ability to produce components with the minimum amount of scrap wastage. This reduction ...
  • Product Actranza lab. needle-free injector

    Actranza™ lab. is a jet injector driven by the instantaneous power generated from pyro combustion. The high-speed stream of fluid ejected by Actranza™ lab. penetrates skin, dispersing into intradermal tissue and introducing even large molecules into cells.
  • Product Credence Dual Chamber Reconstitution Syringe

    Dual Chamber Reconstitution Simplify the delivery of your most complex drug products. Maintain separation of components during storage while offering users a safe and friendly experience similar to that of a liquid-stable drug. Simplified mixing and injection combined with passive needlestick protection mi...
  • Product Primary Actuator for Autoinjector

    •Expanded range of volume selection: 3-10mL•Wide range of viscosity selection: 1-100cP
    •Short delivery time: <30 seconds at 10mL
    •Faster flow rate range: 0.06-0.9mL/s
    •Utilization of rHuPH20 for high volumes (>3mL)
    •Reusability for sustainability
    •Usability enhancements through human-m...
  • Product Primary Actuator For OBI/OBDS

    •Expanded range of volume selection: 3-50mL (limited to 50mL due to drug and device weight and size considerations for patient convenience)•Wide range of viscosity selection: 1-80cP
    •Wide range of injection/infusion time selection: minutes to hours
    •Flow rate range: 0.01-0.07mL/s or 0.6-4mL/min
  • Product Glass Vials

    From 1 ml to 30 ml glass vials. Type I, II and III glass, depending on your needs Amber and clear colours Normal, siliconized or ready for lyophilization Prewashed, in RTU packaging and nesting All in ISO standard measurements Capacity to develop according to client's specifications
  • Product Credence Micro-Dose, Multi-Site and Force-Assist

    Micro-DoseTM, Multi-SiteTM and Force-AssistTM Enable extremely precise micro-dosing, either in a single delivery or in a series of repeat injections, and employ force reduction technology to facilitate delivery of viscous products. Ideal for intra-vitreal dosing for optha applications and medical asthetic ...
  • Product Tubular Vials

    Tubular Vials are produced on state-of-art servo-controlled German and Italian Lines for exceptional accuracy. Vials are produced with Japanese Hot End' Camera Vision systems for dimension inspection for all critical parameters and equipped with multiple camera systems for Cosmetic Inspection. Rob...
  • Product Glass Ampoules

    Carewell Pharmapack International Pvt. Ltd is specialized in small volume parenteral manufacturer engaged in manufacturing all range of ampoules, liquid vials. A broad range of container geometries, quality levels and controlled surface chemistry enable us to tailor the primary packaging solution...
  • Product Vials Tubular Glass

    Tubular Glass Vials, both Plain and Siliconized from sizes 1ml to 30ml, both ISO and customer specifications

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