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  • Product Training Devices

    Robust training device and onboarding programs can help improve patients experience for those who self-administer their therapies, helping to improve adherence and health outcomes. Our patient-centric training devices from Noble, an Aptar Pharma company, are developed and designed to replicate the real dev...
  • Product Epinephrine Base (CEP / US-DMF)

    Transo-Pharm Handels-GmbH offers a wide range of products which includes Epinephrine Base (CEP / US-DMF). It belongs to API category. Contact us for more information.

  • Product BD Physioject™ Disposable Autoinjector - Designed to support the treatment of chronic diseases with biologics

    BD Physioject™ Disposable Autoinjector is designed to fully integrate with BD Neopak™ and BD Hypak™ for Biotech 1 mL long Glass Prefillable Syringes to ensure optimal system functionality. 

    BD partners with you to develop self-injection systems that enable drug administration ac...
  • Product Aidaptus® auto-injector

    Owen Mumford's device expertise is joining forces with Stevanato Group's unique engineering and manufacturing experience. The collaboration brings the full value of the Aidaptus® auto-injector platform to the market, helping patients self-administer their therapy using a simple and easy-to-use device.Aidap...
  • Product Compression Springs

    Autoinjectors, drug delivery devices, or pen injectors utilize compression springs.
    The use of technical springs ensures exact dosing of the drug as well as a high level of safety for the user. We offer automated and clean manufacturing solutions for economical largescale production.
  • Product Auto-Injector

    For years, auto-injectors have been considered among the most important drug delivery devices. Also through the support of Scheuermann + Heilig, much is known about whether and how auto-injectors can be used safely and effectively. Due to the co-development of many different models of well-known customers,...
  • Product Credence Dual Chamber Reconstitution Syringe

    Dual Chamber Reconstitution Simplify the delivery of your most complex drug products. Maintain separation of components during storage while offering users a safe and friendly experience similar to that of a liquid-stable drug. Simplified mixing and injection combined with passive needlestick protection mi...
  • Product SmartPilot for YpsoMate

    SmartPilot™ for YpsoMate® enables advanced adherence monitoring by transforming the proven YpsoMate® autoinjector into a fully connected smart product system. It supports the seamless provision of therapy-relevant data to patients, physicians, and other healthcare stakeholders.
    From the outset we work...
  • Product AdhereIT®

    AdhereIT® is a connected medical device designed to improve patient adherence with patients who self-inject their medication.
    Supporting both training and autoinjector devices, AdhereIT® helps patients overcome anxieties about self-injecting while training them on proper usage.
    It uses multisenso...
  • Product Pressings

    Stampings (and stamped parts) are versatile and you find them in a wide range of applications for many different industries. Lesjöfors delivers stamped parts from our standard program as well as customized solutions.

    Our technical experts, together with qualified tool development, cost-effective...
  • Product Flat Springs

    Constant Force Springs are manufactured from flat strip material and spooled to a specific curvature matching the needed pull force. There is practically no limit on extension speed and acceleration. The springs can be fitted in a number of ways and extended partly or completely.
    A common applicat...
  • Product Sibia - Reusable Pen injector

    Reusable Pen InjectorMulti dose
    Variable Dose
    Up to 80 doses
    Increment : minimum 0.01 ml
  • Product Lophura - Disposable Pen Injector

    Disposable Pen InjectorMulti dose
    Variable Dose
    Up to 80 doses
    Increment : minimum 0.01 ml
  • Product Flamecrest - Fixed Dose Pen Injector

    Disposable Pen InjectorMulti dose
    Fixed Dose
    Up to 80 doses
    Increment : minimum 0.01 ml
  • Product OPTIMA AIM Assembly of auto-injectors

    • Assembly of different auto-injectors on one machine • Scalable machine platform • Inspection of the needle and needle guard prior to assembly • Options for assembling additional injector safety features Please get in touch for more information

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