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  • Product ApiJect Prefilled Injector

    The ApiJect Prefilled Injector is a combination parenteral system that administers a 0.1mL – 2.0mL delivered dose. The parenteral is a two-part system, made up of a Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) Container prefilled with the drug dose, and a Needle Hub with a Connector pre-attached. When the components are attache...
  • Product Prefilled Syringes

    Baxter (BioPharma Solutions) offers a wide range of traditional sterile manufacturing products which includes prefilled syringes. It offers expanded small-scale through high-volume sterile manufacturing. It can increase production potential and help ensure on-time delivery to meet product demand. By providing...
  • Product BD Evolve™ On-body Injector - Enabling variable drug delivery regimens

    BD Evolve™ On-body Injector is being developed for pharmaceutical companies who seek flexible delivery options, as well as opportunities for improving the patient experience and lowering the cost of care. It supports delivery of biologics with customizable and programmable subcutaneous administration. BD...
  • Product Sycare

    Sycare is a pre-fillable syringe in Cop. It is the only one on the market to also have a threaded cap made of COP.

    The threaded cap is unique and patented. It provides a remarkable sealing power, combined with an exclusive design. Sycare has been designed to be recognisable and to distinguish the ...
  • Product 5th Generation Prefilled Syringe

    This innovative medical device is the newly patented 5th generation of prefilled syringes. Its innovative design overtakes the weak points of standard pfs, particularly by eliminating the break-loose force and any need for silicone oil. 

    The absence of silicone oil makes it the perfe...
  • Product Mold for Barrel

    64-cavities full hot runner mold for Barrel
  • Product lubrigone

    Plunger stoppers for silicone oil free prefilled syringes
  • Product Adding connectivity to a range of auto-injectors

    We developed a proof-of-concept connected module to fit inside the rear cap of Bespak by Recipharm’s existing auto-injector, along with an iOS application, cloud database and web portal. The demonstrator device and connected system showed the potential for incorporating sensing technology. Sensing would allow...
  • Product Assembly and test systems for injection systems

    Our customers have to manufacture sophisticated injection products in large quantities. This requires highly accurate assembly and functional test processes. teamtechnik has developed a unique expertise in this area and provides reliable assembly solutions for pre-assembly, final assembly and ...
  • Product BF50 HT Automatic Blistering-Thermoforming Machine

    BF50 HT is an automatic thermoforming-blistering machine with alternating pitch designed for the realization of blister for the packaging of medical devices such as syringes, vials, bottles and ampoules, in addition to the blister packaging of different kinds of liquid and solid products, pharmaceutical p...
  • Product Silicone syringe plungers and stoppers

    Syringe plungers and stoppers made of our self-developed, slide-optimized silicone that comes in medical-grade quality have low break-loose force. This enables injections to be controlled and dosed much easier.
    • Clean manufacturing conditions • Freedom of design and shape when using silicone • Small nu...
  • Product Finger Flange and Plunger road for pre-filled seringues

    Finger Flange and Plunger road in 2k injection (PC + ETP) for pre-filled seringes.
  • Product Prefillable Glass Syringes

    Nipro offers three distinct Quality Levels to meet specific drug product requirements:
    • eNable (small molecule)
    Optimized processability for reduced TCO | Standard data package for fast acceptance of goods | Designed for reliable and safer manual administration
    • eNhance ...
  • Product Prefillable Glass Syringes

    Nipro offers three distinct Quality Levels to meet specific drug product requirements:
    • eNable (small molecule)
    Optimized processability for reduced TCO | Standard data package for fast acceptance of goods | Designed for reliable and safer manual administration
    • eNhance (la...
  • Product Renefil

    Dermal Filler / Polydeoxyribonucleotide+ HA+Lidocaine / 1ml 
  • Product Medical devices

    Union Plastic proposes custom made medical device. Contact us for more information.
  • Product CordenPharma Injectables Platform

    Your Expert Partner for Clinical & Commercial Injectable Drug Product Supply
    • >> Wide & balanced range of injectable services incl. capability for combining injectable drugs and devices (combination products) • >> Aseptic and Terminal Sterilization Fill & Finish Technologies forP...
  • Product Prefillable Systems

    Prefillable Systems 

    An ideal choice for single-and multi-dose drugs, West components for prefillable systems help to ensure a more consistent injection rate to help patients receive accurate dosing with their treatment regimen. West is proud to offer the following products for prefillabl...
  • Product Pharmalene LLDPE

    Versalis is a global producer of PE resins, providing knowledge & expertise to the pharmaceutical and medical market since decades. This wealth of experience allows Versalis to provide complete and complex solutions to a highly demanding and evolving market. Versalis recognises the key requirements in ...
  • Product Pre-Filled Syringe(PFS) Packaging Production Line

    Package Form: One 1ml standard 1 PFS/blister, 1 blister/carton, 10cartons/wrapped;

    Stable Production Speed of the Whole Line: 300cartons/min;

    Equipment Composition: De-nester machine, plunger rod insertion and labeling machine, blister machine, check weigher, inkjet printer for...

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