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  • Product SG EZ-fill ITC - Integrated Tip Cap

    The Integrated Tip Cap has been developed to be the ideal match for SG EZ-fill(R) luer lock cone syringes with its twist-off closure system. The Integrated Tip Cap comprises of a rubber component inserted in a rigid plastic cap, screwed onto a luer lock adaptor and then pre-assembled on the SG EZ-fill syri...
  • Product SG EZ-fill ISS - Integrated Safety System

    The continuing desire to reduce needlestick injuries led us to develop the SG EZ-fill Integrated Safety System. This groundbreaking, fully passive needle shield comes ready to fill and requires no additional assembly steps. SG ISS is both easy to use and intuitive to handle. Activating the automatic shield...
  • Product Prefilled Syringes

    Baxter (BioPharma Solutions) offers a wide range of traditional sterile manufacturing products which includes prefilled syringes. It offers expanded small-scale through high-volume sterile manufacturing. It can increase production potential and help ensure on-time delivery to meet product demand. By provid...
  • Product Syringes for sophisticated drug products

    Biotech derived drug products are characterized by several specific requirements. Some are highly viscous and, in individual cases, tend to interact with silicone oil or, for example, tungsten residues from syringe production. Gerresheimer therefore offers the “metal-free” production avoiding the u...
  • Product Primary Packaging - Gx® prefillable syringes

    Prefillable glass syringes in bulk and "ready-to-fill" format, type 1 glass, filling volumes of 0.5 ml to 5.0 ml, luer cone and luer lock syringes, needle syringes, silicone-oil reduces Gx Baked-on RTF® syringes, metal-free Gx RTF® syringes, innovative syringe components, round and cut finger flange, most ...
  • Product Pharmaceutical Systems - Product Portfolio

    Discover our portfolio of solutions for a wide variety of therapeutic areas and settings: from home to hospital through outpatient clinic, and from vaccines to chronic disease treatments through small molecules and specialties, dermal fillers and contrast media… We provide unparalleled parenteral drug d...
  • Product BD SCF™ PremiumCoat® 1 mlL Plunger Stopper - Supporting the delivery of biologics in prefilled systems

    BD SCF™ PremiumCoat® Plunger Stopper has been designed to serve the evolving needs of pharmaceutical organizations in the development of combination products for chronic diseases. Commercializing a combination product can come with many challenges. The BD SCF™ PremiumCoat® Plunger Stopper aims to enable ...
  • Product CordenPharma Injectables Platform

    Your Expert Partner for Clinical & Commercial Injectable Drug Product Supply
    • >> Wide & balanced range of injectable services incl. capability for combining injectable drugs and devices (combination products) • >> Aseptic and Terminal Sterilization Fill & Finish Technologies f...
  • Product Dosing syringes and Adapters

    Dosing syringes and adapters are available for glass and PET syrup bottles for various opening diameters. Dosing syringes are currently a welcome packaging solution, as dosing is extremely easy and clean with this type of syringe (no residue on the barrel of the syringe). The syringe adapter from Heinlein ...
  • Product Machines for nested containers processing

    Automatic or semi-automatic bag removal Filling and Closing machines Denesting machines Labelling and Assembling machines 
  • Product Device Assemply and Packaging

    The injectable drug market is rapidly evolving and includes an array of delivery devices from autoinjectors to pens and other intuitive formats. We provide partnership for drug owners driven by the top-quality, complex considerations and flexibility expected. These services include assembly process des...
  • Product SAN-LIGHT

    The SAN-Light is a single-use sterile hypodermic safety needle for use with luer syringes for subcutaneous or intramuscular drug administration. The SAN-Light combines passive sharps protection and a hidden needle.

    The SAN-Light is a passive safety needle, for use b...
  • Product D2F™ Pre-fillable Glass Syringes

    Nipro offers three distinct Quality Levels to meet specific drug product requirements: • D2F™ pre-fillable glass syringe in ENABLE quality
    For Diluents | Anticoagulant | WFI

    • D2F™ pre-fillable glass syringe in ENHANCE quality
    For Biotech | Ophthalmias | Cosmetics | V...
  • Product Ypsomed Delivery Systems (YDS)

    Ypsomed Delivery Systems (YDS) provides a complete range of technologies and services for reliable and user-friendly injection systems for self-medication.
  • Product PLAJEX™ Ready-to-Fill Polymer Syringe with Luer Lock

    PLAJEX™ Ready-to-Fill Polymer Syringes with Luer Lock offerthe quality and supply reliability needed to meet your parenteral delivery challenges.
  • Product Pre-filled syringes

    Mefar offers wide range of products which includes pre filled syringes with over 120 million capacity between 0,5 ml to 50 ml. 

    Mefar's all services have EMA certification.

    Contact us for more information.
  • Product Daikyo® Crystal Zenith® 2.25mL Insert Needle Syringe System

    The Daikyo® Crystal Zenith® (CZ) 2.25mL insert needle is a break-resistant, polymer syringe of choice to protect larger volume sensitive molecules during self-administration. For drug developers wishing to avoid glass, this syringe system protects delicate molecules as there is no silicone oil added for fu...
  • Product Customized silicone syringe plungers by RAUMEDIC

    Syringe plungers and stoppers made of our self-developed, slide-optimized silicone that comes in medical-grade quality have low break-loose force. This enables injections to be controlled and dosed much easier.
    • Clean manufacturing conditions • Freedom of design and shape when using silicone • Small...
  • Product Safer® Retractable Safety Syringe

    Very easy to use, SafeR® Retractable Safety Syringe works in just the same way as a classic syringe, but with one-click coaxial needle retraction – it automatically retracts the needle when the injection is completed.

    SafeR® Retractable Safety Syringe can be manufact...
  • Product Medical devices & Diagnostic Consummables

    Union Plastic proposes custom made medical device. Mold integration and contract manufacturing.
    Contact us for more information.

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