Platform technologies


Process innovation needs to be undertaken in early R&D phase

Much needed more efficient manufacturing processes for ADCs aren't being completed by pharma.

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Amneal to close it Hayward, California-based facilities and operations

Company to streamline operations and capture cost synergies.

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Cambrex invests $5 million in new laboratory expansion at its Karlskoga, Sweden facility

Money to be spent on augmenting capability and capacity for process development and scale up, handling of potent substances, crystallization studies and solid phase characterization.

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Latest products

Antibiotic-free Maintenance System (ORT® and X-mark TM)


COBRA BIOLOGICS offers a wide range of services which includes antibiotic-free maintenance system (ort® and x-mark™). It is a type of technologies services. Applications: DNA vaccines: smaller plasmids for improved antigen gene delivery; gene therapy: a plasmid backbone with an improved safety profile that ma...

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JGL key products

JGL d.d.

JGL offers wide range of ophtalmics products , nasal spray and drops. Also, our Bage on valve technology offers variety of  contract manufacturing services and other B2B partnership models worldwide.Key categories of B2B products:1.Eye drops ( anti glaucoma, anti  bacterials , sterile arti...

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Development and Manufacturing by Contract

IntelGenx Corp

IntelGenx offers full service to foster the growth of its partners.

Our State-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the most modem equipment to deliver high-quality, cost-effective film products, while accommodating client requirements at each stage of product development.

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VersaFilmTM - Oral Film Technology

IntelGenx Corp

VersaFilm™ is our proprietary delivery technology platform that enables the development of pharmaceutical films with potential to improve product performance:

  • Rapid disintegration without the need for water
  • Quicker buccal or sublingual absorption
  • Potential for faster onset of action an...
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