Platform technologies


Acquisition taps into the unknown treasures of the sea

Screening for new marine-derived functional ingredients and bringing new patented products to the market.

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A powerful new tool for the separation of charged species

A new analytical tool, Electrical Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (EAF4) is showing much promise in biopharmaceutical and nanoparticle applications.

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Spanish CDMO invests €200k to protect clients' products

Investment will enable Idifarma to both serialise commercial batches manufactured by them for clients and offer standalone serialisation services.

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  • Cobra Biologics Limited
  • IntelGenx Corp
  • Samyang Biopharmaceuticals
  • Avivia
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Latest products

Antibiotic-free Maintenance System (ORT® and X-mark TM)

Cobra Biologics Limited

COBRA BIOLOGICS offers a wide range of services which includes antibiotic-free maintenance system (ort® and x-mark™). It is a type of technologies services. Applications: DNA vaccines: smaller plasmids for improved antigen gene delivery; gene therapy: a plasmid backbone with an improved safety profile that ma...

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JGL key products

JGL d.d.

JGL offers wide range of ophtalmics products , nasal spray and drops. Also, our Bage on valve technology offers variety of  contract manufacturing services and other B2B partnership models worldwide.Key categories of B2B products:1.Eye drops ( anti glaucoma, anti  bacterials , sterile arti...

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Development and Manufacturing by Contract

IntelGenx Corp

IntelGenx offers full service to foster the growth of its partners.

Our State-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the most modem equipment to deliver high-quality, cost-effective film products, while accommodating client requirements at each stage of product development.

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VersaFilmTM - Oral Film Technology

IntelGenx Corp

VersaFilm™ is our proprietary delivery technology platform that enables the development of pharmaceutical films with potential to improve product performance:

  • Rapid disintegration without the need for water
  • Quicker buccal or sublingual absorption
  • Potential for faster onset of action an...
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