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SoftGroup is a software company that provides end-to-end traceability technology to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.
In our 19 years of experience, we have been recognized by manufacturers, Marketing Authorization Holders (MAHs) and Parallel Distributors as a reliable serialization and aggregation solution provider.
Our solutions cover all levels of the Track & Trace process, including aggregation processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing.SoftGroup is a Certified Gateway Provider and trusted partner of the European Medicine Verification Organization (EMVO), as well as certified partner of GS1. Moreover, the company is officially accredited as complete solution provider by the Russian Centre for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT) and Bulgarian Medicine Verification Organization (BgMVO).

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Products from SoftGroup AD (5)

  • SoftGroup® SaTT EU Hub Gateway

    Product SoftGroup® SaTT EU Hub Gateway

    SoftGroup® SaTT EU Hub Gatewayoffers an upload/update of PMD (Product Master Data) and PPD (Product Pack Data) to the EU HUB (EMVO). Via this Cloud solution, the MAH / Parallel distributor could select which serialized batch should be reported to EMVO. The system allows status verification of a...
  • SoftGroup® SaTT RU Hub Gateway

    Product SoftGroup® SaTT RU Hub Gateway

    SoftGroup® SaTT RU Hub Gateway provides a connection between the Site level and IS MDLP (Chestny ZNAK track & trace digital system) allowing an exchange of information about each product. The application allows MAHs, Manufacturers and Parallel Importers to upload the product information, to request a...
  • SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller

    Product SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller

    SoftGroup® SaTT Site Controller is a centralized serialization software system for the management of the serialization and aggregation processes. The Site management software by SoftGroup provides a complete solution for managing the whole production of the factory and preparing serialization and aggregation ...
  • SoftGroup® SaTT Uzbek Hub Gateway

    Product SoftGroup® SaTT Uzbek Hub Gateway

    SoftGroup® SaTT Uzbek Hub Gateway provides a connection and data exchange between Uzbek National Track & Trace System – Asl belgisi and all supply-chain participants (MAHs, Manufacturers, Importers, Wholesale trade enterprises etc.). The solution allows requesting and receiving the cryptogr...
  • SoftGroup® SaTT Stand-alone machine

    Product SoftGroup® SaTT Stand-alone machine

    SoftGroup® SaTT SA is а specially designed machine for serialization in the pharmaceutical secondary packaging line following the latest GMP standards. This model can be an integrated part of an automated packaging line or to operate as a stand-alone machine.

    Key Features: • Few minutes for rec...

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