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Xedev is a Contract Service Provider, specialised in formulation and process development of solid materials, supporting Pharma, Biotech, Chemical and Food industries.

Our services start from process or (pre-)formulation screenings to complete development projects keeping successfull scalability in mind.
Our core competence is particle engineering through drying, chilling/congealing, agglomeration and coating processes. With the uprise of Spray Drying technology in many industries, and the amount of spray drying projects realised by our team, we have become a centre of excellence in Spray Drying and Spray chilling/congealing.
For pharma and biotech we focus on pre-clinical development and support our customers to the next step through tech transfer into GMP clinical environments by partnerships.
Projects go through different milestone steps with interim reports and discussions allowing our customers to reorientate or end the project at any moment.

Our business model is “fee for service”, with full respect of the customer’s IP and a transp...

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Products from Xedev (5)

  • Spray-drying/spray-congealing

    Product Spray-drying/spray-congealing

    Spray Drying is an instant and continuous solvent evaporation process of a liquid feed, atomised in a heated gas, generating a final dried solidified particle.

    The heated drying gas moves in co-flow with the atomised feed in the process chamber where the gas transfers its heat energy to the dro...
  • Formulation development

    Product Formulation development

    70% of the new chemical entities (NCEs) synthesized are poorly soluble compounds, resulting in a low bioavailability. Bioavailability enhancement is the number one challenge in formulation development today. Xedev can help overcome complex bioavailability challenges and accelerate drug development process th...
  • Process development, optimization and scale-up

    Product Process development, optimization and scale-up

    Xedev is specialized in process development.

    Do you have a drying, granulation of coating process which need optimization, Xedev can help you with the development, optimization and scale-up of your process.

    We are using a stepwise approach to transfer your material to your own facilities...
  • Analytical package

    Product Analytical package

    Xedev provides wide range of analytical which includes 

    - solid state analysis: mdsc, xrpd, tga, tem and sem
    - residual water and solvent content (by Karl Fisher, LOD or GC analysis)
    - Particle size analysis both by dry and wet methods
    - Flowability evaluation - In vitro dissolution ...
  • High shear granulator & vaccum dryer

    Product High shear granulator & vaccum dryer

    Xedev provides wide range of technologies which includes high shear granulator & vaccum dryer. Contact us for more information.