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  • Product cGMP Cell-based Bioassays

    Cell-based bioassays that comply with cGMP: Using a variety of techniques, including cell-based assays, ligand and receptor binding assays, and flexible multiple assay approaches – our potency testing experts offer tailored bioassay method development, method transfer and method validation to ICH Q2 (R1)...

    We are a Full service CRO with EMA / ISP CHILE / DCGI / CDSCO Compliant  clinical & Analytical Facility for conducting BA/BE studies.
    • With 60 bedded  Clinical facility  & Bio- Analytical Facility for BA/BE Studies following strict Regulatory Guidelines Meeting  Internation...
  • Product Analytical Services

    Solvias provides cGMP-compliant contract analytical services to help you ultimately provide safer products to consumers. We provide a comprehensive range of analytical services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and cosmetics industry with similar regulatory requirements for raw materia...
  • Product Contract R&D

    Actylis offers GMP, biopharma and non-GMP specialty chemical custom ingredient research and development services by generating robust, practical and cost-effective processes for the preparation of specialty chemicals, excipients, and pharmaceutical ingredients. With decades of experienc...
  • Product INDiGO

    Accelerated drug development through interdisciplinary integration and expert coordination of all drug development activities “under one roof”
    Industry-leading timeline from candidate nomination to regulatory submission
    Custom-designed, flexible development plans allow for real-time adjustments a...

    ADAPTEK® TECHNOLOGY is the general name for our 4 international patents and expertise in nanotechnology and controlled release systems.This is a transversal technology that allows to develop customized biopolymeric nanohydrogels, allowing the load with different API (drugs, vitamins, growth factors, etc.)....
  • Product Pharmaceutical Reference Standards

    All Pharmaceutical Reference Standards are supplied with Certified COA along with supporting analytical data like HPLC, Mass, NMR, CMR, UV, IR, TGA, ROI, CHNS.
  • Product Excipia Experts in excipient analysis, characterization and deformulation / reverse engineering

    Excipients can have an important impact on the manufacturability and pharmaceutical performance of a formulation. It’s therefore important to identify and control functionality related characteristics (FRCs) of excipient materials in order to achieve safe, robust and stable products. Expe...
  • Product DL-Bornane-2,3-dione

    DL-Bornane-2,3-dione   formula:C10H14O2    formula weight:166.22   purity:99.5%
  • Product New Chemical Entities

    To meet your analytical needs, Quality Assistance provides you with scientific and technical support for the development of your New Chemical Entities. Our added-value brings together a sound expertise in small molecules analytical development with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, all o...
  • Product in vitro preclinical safety

    Functional Invitro Human based organ on chip to assess safety pharmacology.
  • Product Small & large molecule Discovery & Development

    Discovery Chemistry, Discovery Biology, Integrated Drug Discovery
  • Product Development Sciences

    Our development laboratories are well equipped for conducting a diverse range of experiments. These encompass formulation development, cycle design and process refinement, as well as evaluating finished product. Ease of scale-up is accomplished by completing process development studies within a pilot scale...
  • Product Inhalation Product Analysis and Testing

    Inhalation product analysis and testing services include particle size and droplet characterization, delivered dose testing, as well as aerodynamic particle size analysis – for pressurized metered-dose inhalers (PMDI), dry powder inhalers (DPI), nebulizers, and soft mist inhalers. Our Good Manufacturin...
  • Product Quality Control and Release Analysis

    Solvias provides wide range of analytical services which includes quality control and release analysis. The analyses are routinely performed at Solvias according to GMP quality standards for drug substances & products, intermediates, starting materials and excipients. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Extractables and Leachables Testing

    Solvias provides expert testing and consulting services for Extractables & Leachables in single-use process materials and container closure systems. With our proprietary EXLEA database, we provide unique automated high throughput screening of more than 6000 Extractablesusing Accurate Mass LC/MS/MS Tech...
  • Product Biological Analysis

    Solvias provides high calibre microbiology, chemistry, toxicology and cell biology services according to GMP, CGMP (FDA), GLP and ISO 17025 standards.Testing for sterile and non-sterile products / Environmental testing / Specialised studies (antibiotics, integrity testing, alternative methods) / Endoxin an...
  • Product Solid-State Development

    Solvias provides an integrated and comprehensive approach to solid-state development – from systematic salt, co-crystal, and polymorph screening to controlled scale-up of the crystallization process, all complemented with the full range of physico-chemical studies performed in our laboratories.
  • Product Stability Studies

    Solvias offers the complete range of stability studies according to ICH guidelines for drug development and follow-up stability studies, covering all ICH standard storage conditions as well as low temperature storage. All our processes take place on one connected site, where there is a high degree of QC ex...

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