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Rebecca Lumley
17 Mar 2022

CPHI Podcast Series: Connecting the user to your product – Smart packaging for smart devices

Smart devices are revolutionising how we live our lives and changing the shape of the industries adopting them. One such industry is healthcare, where the benefits of context-aware devices and real-time data sharing are having tangible effects on patient outcomes. 

Many smart devices, like wearable monitors, allow doctors to oversee a patient’s health status remotely, facilitating better decision-making and shifting healthcare management from hospitals to homes.  

But with such rapid technological advancement comes a new challenge: user adoption.  

In this month’s episode, CPHI speaks to Alex Driver, Senior Industrial Design Consultant at Team Consulting, about breaking down the barriers to smart device access.  

He shares some of the pain points faced by new smart device owners and outlines strategies for making these accessible to even the most digitally-averse users.  

We discuss the importance of packaging, the “unboxing” effect and how intelligent design can induce behaviour change.  

Listen now to learn more about the about the rise of smart devices, and the strategies facilitating onboarding and adoption.  


Rebecca Lumley
Digital Editor - Pharma

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