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    Sophisticated reduction technologies:The CDMO Division of KD Pharma operates highly corrosion resistant Inconel® facilities to perform hydrogenation under pressure up to 64 bar (928 psig) and temperatures up to 150°C from lab to industrial scale (4 m3). Both homogeneous as well as heterogene...
  • Product 1-((tert-Butoxycarbonyl)amino)-cyclobutanecarboxylic acid

    Minakem SAS provides a wide range of products which includes 1-((tert-butoxycarbonyl)amino)-cyclobutanecarboxylic acid. It belongs to acids and esters, cycloalkanes category. Contact us for more information.
  • Product 1-Ethyl-3-(dimethylaminopropyl)carbodiimide hydrochloride(EDC.HCl)

     A white  to off-white crystalline powder,   a carbodiimide reagent that can form nucleic acid and compounds with amide bonds. It accelerates the formation reaction of esters, amides, and peptides, as a condensing and dehydrating agent, which are often used for polynucleo...
  • Product Cyanuric Chloride

    leading manufacturer of 2-octyl cyanoacetate in the global market.
  • Product Curing promoter for high transparency epoxy anhydride resin system(YS-2-008)

    YS-2-008 is a latent epoxy resin curing promoter that mainly acts on epoxy anhydride systems. Single component resin systems can maintain long-term flow dynamics at low temperatures and room temperatures, and can achieve rapid and complete curing at high temperatures. The cured resin surface is smooth,...
  • Product 2-(4-Bromomethyl-phenyl)-propionic acid

    2-[4-(Bromomethyl)phenyl]propionic Acid (CAS No.111128-12-2) is a key intermediate for the synthesis of loxoprofen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

  • Product 3D-Gene® DNA chip

    Toray Industries Inc. Offers a w wide range of bio-tool-related major products which includes 3d-gene® dna chip. Usage: it made possible to detect the information of a gene with high sensitivity than the prior art. The research for dna chip commercialized, not only contribute to the elucidation of new biol...
  • Product Calcium carbonate

    Magnesia GmbH provides wide range of products which includes calcium carbonate. Contact us for more information.
  • Product (S)-(+)-3-Hydroxytetrahydrofuran

  • Product Eficaccy tests in vitro

    We are a GLP lab providing a broad range of testing services in vitro including effciacy tests for chemicals, cosmetics, drugs, medical devices and other products. Our services are also based in a strong R&D knowledge and we are able to addapt tests to client needs. Visit our booth and find out more about ...
  • Product EDC-HCL

  • Product Benzyl bromide

    Can be used for organic synthesis
  • Product Glycerol carbonate

    DAXSOL® glycerol carbonate is a mostly bio-based hydroxyl-functional carbonate that can be used in several applications as an active solvent, diluent and plasticizer, among others. Due to its dual functionality, UBE’s glycerin carbonate can also be used in cosmetic formulations, as ...
  • Product Triethylsilane

    1. It has multifunctional reducing agents; It is used to study the reduction reaction of2-chromogenic anols. Trialkylsilane hydride, which is used to synthesize alkyl silanesthrough the silylation of olefin, is cis-selective with TES. Synthesizing a Nav1.7spiroxindole blocker for pain treatment.
    2. It...
  • Product CertiPro Series

    CertiPro Series are product series of pharmaceutical raw material that complies with GMP with process validation. Process validation secures quality stability from batch to batch, and our well organised quality assurance team maintains high reliability in the market. 

  • Product 1H-1,2,3- Triazole

    Assay not less than 99%
  • Product N-(4-(2-aminoacetyl)-5-methoxy-2-phenoxyphenyl)methanesulfonamide hydrochloride

    Tianjin pharmacn medical technology co ltd offers apis, pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals . Contact us for more information.
  • Product Zinc Sulfide (REACH available)

    Zinc Sulfide (REACH available) 
  • Product N-hexane

    Colorless, flavorless, small volatility, low viscosity. It can be used as solvent for many kinds of fine organic solvents. N-hexane is  mostly used industries are edible oil, coating solvent oil, printing ink, leather, rubber, cosmetics, chemical organic synthesis. It is also used in medicine and...
  • Product Intermediates

    Caldic is committed to providing superior quality intermediates and APIs, cost effective solutions, and innovative technologies to enable our customers’ long-term market success.Facilities are operated in accordance with cGMP (ICH Q7) and are regularly inspected by regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical ma...

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