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    Sophisticated reduction technologies:The CDMO Division of KD Pharma operates highly corrosion resistant Inconel® facilities to perform hydrogenation under pressure up to 64 bar (928 psig) and temperatures up to 150°C from lab to industrial scale (4 m3). Both homogeneous as well as heterogene...
  • Product 6-Methoxyindole

    Pharmaceutical IntermediatesbrhrbrAppearance: Offwhite Solid
    CAS No.: 3189-13-7
  • Product N,N-Diisopropylethylamine

    Important organic synthesis intermediates, mainly used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates, can also be used as solvents, condensation agents, catalysts, etc.
  • Product Triethylsilane

    1. It has multifunctional reducing agents; It is used to study the reduction reaction of2-chromogenic anols. Trialkylsilane hydride, which is used to synthesize alkyl silanesthrough the silylation of olefin, is cis-selective with TES. Synthesizing a Nav1.7spiroxindole blocker for pain treatment.
    2. It...
  • Product Recombinant Insulin

    Recombinant Insulin (also known as Insulin Human AF) is a recombinant protein, consisting of human insulin crystals, a biosynthetic product expressed by recombinant microbial expression in yeast. 

    As insulin binds to its receptor, it initiates different intracellular signaling pathways involved...
  • Product Cyclopentyl mandelic acid​ (and derivatives)

    Arran offers a wide range of chiral products which includes (Cyclopentyl mandelic acid​ (and derivatives). Contact us for more information.
  • Product Mebikar (CAS:10095-06-4)

  • Product CertiPro Series

    CertiPro Series are product series of pharmaceutical raw material that complies with GMP with process validation. Process validation secures quality stability from batch to batch, and our well organised quality assurance team maintains high reliability in the market. 

  • Product (S)-(+)-3-Hydroxytetrahydrofuran

  • Product 1H-1,2,3- Triazole

    Assay not less than 99%
  • Product N-(4-(2-aminoacetyl)-5-methoxy-2-phenoxyphenyl)methanesulfonamide hydrochloride

    Tianjin pharmacn medical technology co ltd offers apis, pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals . Contact us for more information.
  • Product N-hexane

    Colorless, flavorless, small volatility, low viscosity. It can be used as solvent for many kinds of fine organic solvents. N-hexane is  mostly used industries are edible oil, coating solvent oil, printing ink, leather, rubber, cosmetics, chemical organic synthesis. It is also used in medicine and...
  • Product Calamine Powder

    Calamine powder is made up of zinc oxide, and iron oxide. It’s the combination of these two that gives calamine its signature light pink colour. Calamine powder is mainly used to tackle skin redness, skin itching in summers and other skin irritations. increases the circulation of the facial skin. It also ...
  • Product DIPHENYL OXIDE - Pioneer In India

  • Product Ethyl Alcohol - PharmEthyl®

    • THE  SOLUTION FOR THE MOST STRINGENT PHARMACEUTICAL REQUIREMENTS PharmEthyl® is the benchmark for applications using alcohol as a starting material.
    The production is managed in distilleries that have been GMP certified by the French Medicine Agency (ANSM) and awarded ISO-9001, ISO-14...
  • Product 3-hydroxybiuret

    hydroxyurea impurity
  • Product Diphenyl Methane (DPM)

    We are a manufacturer of the said product in India. For all further details please visit our website or email us:- [email protected]; [email protected]
  • Product CDI (N,N’-Carbonyl Diimidazole)

    • CDI is a very useful and commonly employed regent in many pharmaceutical syntheses.  • Several prodrugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients are prepared with CDI.
  • Product Media portfolio

    Tks has a wide range of product and services, printed and digital, from Pharma to Chemistry, from Nutraceutical to Cosmetics.
  • Product MOPS

    English Name:3-Morpholinopropanesulfonic Acid
    Molecular Formula:C7H15NO4S
    Molecular Wt:209.26
    CAS: 1132-61-2
    Assay : 99.0%-101%
    Appearance : White crystalline powder 

    MOPS is a Good's buffer which can be applied to biochemical diagnostic kits, D...

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