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  • Product Water for Injection

    Because diluent is as important as your API, Grifols offers you Water for Injection Drug Master File (DMF)
  • Product MUSCOBLOC 50 mg/ml I.V. Solution for injection - 5 Vials

    Active Ingredient:  ROCURONIUM BROMIDE
    Therapeutic Area: MUSCLE RELAXANT
  • Product Hospital Products for USA and/or Canada

    Methapharm is your strategic partner to bring your hospital and specialty products to market in the USA and/or Canada.  Part of the ACIC Group,  Methapharm is focused on the acquisition, development, licensing, and promotion of hospital and specialty pharmaceutical products as well as products in th...
  • Product Meridex® PF – Dextrose (glucose monohydrate) for parenteral applications

    Meridex® PF is suitable for use as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in parenteral applications. Meridex® PF is endotoxin controlled and pyrogen free. It exhibits purity beyond pharmacopeia requirements and is manufactured in a cGMP certified plant in Europe. Compliance : Glucose monohydrate...
  • Product IV antibiotics

    • Metronidazole 
    • Moxifloxacine 
    • Levofloxacine 

    Molds are used for BFS/FFS machines.
  • Product Camera Inspection Machine For Glass And Plastic Bottles

    Compromec offers wide range of pharmaceutical equipments which includes camera inspection machine for glass and plastic bottles. It belongs to camera inspection machines category. Features: patented pneumatic gripper design for holding containers, eliminates the bottom support smooth handling of containers wi...
  • Product Formulation Development

    Recipharm offer formulation development services for all dosage forms. We develop everything from simple formulations for early studies to more complex formulations suited for commercialisation.
  • Product RESOMER® Portfolio of Parenteral Excipients

    Bioresorbable polymers for controlled release depot injections & medical device applications.

    The RESOMER® portfolio represents the industry’s leading selection of functional excipients for parenteral controlled release. As one of the global leaders at the market for custom and speci...
  • Product Formulation Development Services

    Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services offers end-to-end formulation development services ranging from early development to clinical supplies for new chemical entities for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical & animal healthcare industry along with life cycle extension of the products. We have the expertise along ...
  • Product VitiPure LEX 300/VitiPure LEX 400

    VitiPure™ LEX 300 & 400 are lower molecular weight Polyethylene glycol with stringent control of microbial load for pharmaceutical Industry.  These products surpass the current pharmacopoeia requirements and support the needs of customers for high risk applications. They are safe and widely...
  • Product Cisplatin

    CISPLATIN 50 mg lyophilized vials – Several types of cancer (testicular, ovarian…). Authorized EU-CTD Dossier
  • Product Vials Filling and Capping - STERY-SA

    The STERY-SA is a rotary vial filling and stoppering machine suitable for Small Volume Parenteral (SVP) up to Large Volume vials (500ml) produced in aseptic condition, able to perform full or partial rubber stoppering for Liquid or Lyo products.

    The alu-capping station can be integrated on boar...
  • Product Kolliphor® HS 15

    Kolliphor® HS 15 is a nonionic solubilizer with low toxicity for parenteral applications.

    Key benefits:
    * Low histamine release, reduces side-effects
    * Thermal stability, suitable for steralization
    *Lower hemolytic activity compared to other polyoxyethylene-based surfactants
    * Monographed i...
  • Product Primary Packaging - Gx® prefillable syringes

    Prefillable glass syringes in bulk and "ready-to-fill" format, type 1 glass, filling volumes of 0.5 ml to 5.0 ml, luer cone and luer lock syringes, needle syringes, silicone-oil reduces Gx Baked-on RTF® syringes, metal-free Gx RTF® syringes, innovative syringe components, round and cut finger flange, most var...
  • Product VAC Al Hyd Gel Adjuvant

    Please see image for description.
  • Product YUNORM®

    Yunorm® is a potent antiemetic agent. Pharmacotherapeutic group: Antiemetics eliminating nausea. Antagonists of serotonin receptors (5НТ3). ATC code A04A A01. Composition: Active substance: ondansetron; 1 ml of solution contains ondansetron hydrochloride dihydrate equivalent to ondansetron — 2 mg; 5 m...
  • Product Smart wearable to improve patients’ life.

    Symbioze smart wearable platform is an innovative, large-volume on-body injector to foster patient’s adherence. It offers a great combination between design robustness, ease of use, connectivity, and sustainability, for a seamless and enhanced injection experience.

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