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  • Product Biolevox™ intraarticular injections

    Hyaluronic acid. Containing high molecular weight HA produced by bacterial fermentation Biolevox ™  family of products help with viscosity and elasticity in the joints. Increases the properties of the synovial fluid, with its vital lubricating and shock-absorbing  effects. The results ar...
  • Product HYABENZ® | WOUND CARE |

    Hyabenz® product familiy can be used in the treatment of wounds containing necrotic tissue and/or wounds with stalled or slowed healing.
     • Pressure ulcers • Diabetic foot ulcers • Chronic leg ulcers • Surgical and traumatic wounds"
  • Product Vers-A-Tech™ - Cell & Gene Therapy Processing

    Vers-A-Tech™ (Versatile Aseptic Technology) is a semi-Automatic or fully automatic modular versatile platform consisting of machines that come together to processes Bags & Nested Containers. BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group launches First of its Kind Platform Vers-A-Tech™ ...
  • Product Chondrovox™ bis

    Chondrovox™ bis is based on chondroitin sulfate, which occurs naturally in articular cartilage. In combination with proteins creates proteoglycans responsible for proper flexibility and mechanical properties of cartilage. Produced in accordance with strict rules of European Pharmacopoeia standards.
  • Product Biolevox™ Tendon

    Hyaluronic acid. Biolevox™ HA Tendon is a hyaluronic acid administered around the tendon or into the tendon sheath. Biolevox™ HA Tendon is a gel with an optimal concentration of 1.6%, volume of 2 ml and molecular mass.Biolevox™ HA Tendon can reduce the level of perceived pain and leads to a substantial rec...
  • Product Lipotris

    Liposomal intra-articular gel - new generation therapy to treat OA. Adding fosfolipids in the form of liposoms allows for interaction with lubricin and is very efficient and clinically proven with OA patients.
    Sodium Hyaluronate. Injectable. 
  • Product Progum™ HA

    Hyaluronic acid. Progum™ HA is a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid intended for topical or subgingival administration during dental procedures, e.g. implantology or surgical periodontal treatment. Due to correctly selected physical and chemical parameters, Progum™ HA accelerates regenerative processes an...
  • Product Biolevox™ Neuro

    Biolevox™ Neuro supports functioning of the nervous system. It contains components required for regeneration of nerve fibres. Biolevox™ Neuro is recommended in spinal pain syndromes (cervical, thoratic, lumbar), sciatica, slipped disc, neuralgia and neuropathy.
  • Product Biolevox™ Complex bis

    Biolevox™ Complex Bis supplements diet with ingredients occuring naturally in the joint structures and supporting joint function. Complex formula protects articular cartilage, synovial fluid and subchondral bone.

  • Product Xerthra™ kits

    Xerthra™ kits – procedure packs for isolation and separation of platelet rich plasma (PRP) or injectible fibrine (iPRF) from patient’s peripheral blood.
    Xerthra™ PRP kit provides  a fraction of autologus plasma with increased number of leukocytes which synthesize cytokines and higher amounts ...
  • Product Capsules/tablets

    Biolevox™ Neuro (30 film-coated tablets)a set of ingredients that support the functioning of the nervous system.

    Biolevox™ Complex bis (90 film-coated tablets) supplements the diet with ingredients found in joint structures thus supports the their functioning.

  • Product MONOSHOT HA + PRP

    MONOSHOT is a procedure pack intended for intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid (HA) enriched with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). MONOSHOT provides the simultaneous lubricating and shock-absorbing effect of hyaluronic acid with optimally selected physicochemical parameters as well as the regenerative e...
  • Product Xerthra™ BMAC

    The Xerthra™ BMAC is a procedure pack dedicated for an easy and efficient concentration of bone marrow. Xerthra™ BMAC provides a final product that contains high concentration of both mesenchymal stem cells- fundamental cellular elements of all regenerative processes, as well as platelets- key anabolic ini...
  • Product Wint™ Kit

    Wint ™ kit allows to obtain an autologous preparation from the patient’s peripheral blood, containing increased amount of the DKK-1 protein, which is a natural inhibitor of the Wnt signaling pathway. Excessive activation of the Wnt signaling pathway in the joint tissues plays important role in the developm...
  • Product Ossylbone™

    Bone defects are common and are associated with a significant burden of disease. Importantly, effective clinical management of bone defects remains challenging.Ossylbone™ granules are biomimetic bone fillers in a form of a solid, porous particles, available in regular spherical or irregular shape and in ma...


    Scientific Beauty from Anatolia

    MesoLIFTER® is a Class III Medical Device with CE certification.



    MesoLIFTER® is an unparalleled medical device that is registered as an injectable, stabilized, and contains o...
  • Product Cross-Linked Intra Articular Gel | VISCOSUPPLEMENT | Modified Hyaluronic Acid 2-5 mL | 10-120 mg

    SEMICAL® Gel-B Cross Sodium Hyaluronate for Intra-Articular Injection 

    Mimics Synovial Fluid!
    Advanced Thixotropic Process  Makes it Unique! 

    SEMICAL® intra-articular Gel-B Cross is a highly purified bio-fermented sodium hyaluronate based viscoelastic solution ...
  • Product Intra Articular Gel | VISCOSUPPLEMENT | Modified Hyaluronic Acid | 2-5 mL | 10-120 mg

    SEMICAL® intra-articular gel is a highly purified bio-fermented sodium hyaluronate based viscoelastic solution for the treatment of knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. SEMICAL® intra-articular is used to improve the function of the synovial fluid in joints. The injection volumes are between 2.0 mL to 3.0 m...
  • Product CABERGOLIN

    Cabergoline is used to treat different types of medical problems that occur when too much of the hormone prolactin is produced. It can be used to treat certain menstrual problems, fertility problems in men and women, and pituitary prolactinomas (tumors of the pituitary gland).
  • Product Biotest Human Serum Albumin

    • Human Serum Albumin for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry • We offer a human serum albumin (HSA) product that complies with the regulatory requirements of multiple health authorities.   • It is manufactured in a GMP compliant, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and supplied und...

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