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Schur®Star Concept: Maximum flexibility, reduced complexity
With the Schur®Star Packaging Machine and the pre-made Schur®Star Bags, which are linked together on a unique string, a smooth packing process is ensured. The Schur®Star bags are customized to meet product-specific requirements, the packer’s requirements in terms of packing process and finally the vital convenience asked for by the users. The Schur®Star Packaging Machine allows for a quick and easy exchange between different bag constructions and sizes. A change-over between manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic filling can be carried out just as quickly. The machine can easily be incorporated into an existing production line and likewise be combined with additional process equipment – e.g. for gas flushing – or weighing, labelling, marking equipment and robotics.   The Schur®Star Packaging Concept serves the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, and among the applications are: Wet & Dry Wipes including alcohol, Wound Care, Gowns & Gloves, Masks, Surgical Devices &...

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Products from Schur Star Systems GmbH.

  • Schur®Star Packaging Machine

    Product Schur®Star Packaging Machine

    Schur®Star Systems offer the most flexible packaging solution available. The Schur®Star Concept consists of the Schur®Star packaging machine and the pre-made Schur®Star bags supplied to our customers linked together on a unique string.

    It sets the stage for increased marketing options, improved operational excellence, and supply-chain breakthroughs to align your operations with your revenue goals. It is all about adding flexibility to - and removing complexity from - our customers’ production facilities.

    The Schur®Star bags can be made to meet all possible functionalities needed, including all types of barrier capacities. Filling can be made manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically.
  • The Schur®StarLight Machine

    Product The Schur®StarLight Machine

    The Schur®StarLight Concept is a unique and simple combination of a small footprint packaging machine and pre-made, resealable bags.

    Pre-made Schur®StarLight bags are fed, opened, filled and sealed on the machine. The Schur®StarLight bags are linked together as a unique string, and this feature ensures simplicity, flexibility and efficiency in the packing process.

    Recloseability is the prime feature of a Schur®StarLight Bag, and this is supplied by means of an integrated zipper. The range of bag constructions, all featuring recloseability, is comprised of pillow bags and stand-up bags with doy or gusseted bottoms. Additional features include windows, suspension holes, euro-slots, handles, perforations and laser scores. Likewise ventilation holes, micro-perforations and valves are available as options.

    In addition to the unique simplicity offered by the Schur®StarLight Concept, further benefits include extreme efficiency, unique flexibility and utmost reliability:

    * Low investment* High automation
    * Bag resealability
    * Easy to operate, to maintain and to clean
    * Mobile and easy to relocate

    * Schur®StarLight was designed to offer unique advantages for  practically any market segment:
    * Bag films available include polyethylene, bio-films, polypropylene and   laminates
    * All bags have an integrated zipper for recloseability
    * Bags are available in various formats and styles, with multiple   functionalities
    * Bags can be supplied unprinted or with up to 10 colour print, plus a   range of lacquer options
    * Capacity up to 25 bags per minute, up to 2.5 kg product weight
    * The machine offers quick change-over times enabling packing of  multiple products on the same line
    * Filling can be made manually, semi-automated and fully automated
    * The machine can be combined with filling, counting and weighing   equipment and a labelling unit or a direct printing  unit – for logo,  barcode, batch identification or QR code applications
  • Schur®Star Bag in Bag

    Product Schur®Star Bag in Bag

    The Schur®Star Bag in Bag ensures product integrity and hygiene levels.

    The concept of premade bags ensures a pure, consistent and safe packing process, the bags remain closed from bag production until filling.
    The fully automatic bagging process provides safe and hygienic sealing after filling.

    The concept of premade bags provides protection from environmental impact, contamination and micro-organisms.

    All bag formats are available in individually designed laminate combinations and are applicable for aggresive content like IPA.

    Perfect for cleanroom packing

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