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  • Product Excipients

    Actylis, through its recent acquisitions, has become a leading global GMP excipients manufacturer to the life sciences industry, offering our customers a broad portfolio of excipients. Our excipients are currently employed in vaccines, injectables, dermal, transdermal, topical and solid dosage finishe...
  • Product Polyglykol

    Effective and high-purity ingredients including a complete range of  Polyglykols (Macrogols) our universally applicable pharmaceutical polymers, with various molecular weights, supported by CEP certification and DMF type II documentation.
  • Product aquarius™ genesis film coating system

    aquarius™ genesis film coating system is the new product in the aquarius™ line, offering significant improvements in film coating process productivity with high solids, exceptional adhesion and elegant tablet appearance; you can realize faster coating times and reduced energy usage. The line include...
  • Product Macrogol 3350 / Hedjuvan-MG3350

    Hedjuvan-MG3350 is a high quality Macrogol 3350 tested according to PH. Eur. including additional microbiological testing of TAMC/TYMC and Bacterial Endotoxins. The product is avilable in 25kg bags and BigBag on request.
  • Product Pure icing sugar – Milled sucrose

    Pure icing sugar is designed for applications requiring finely milled and high purity sucrose such as wet and dry granulation, powder mixes or hard coating. Pure icing sugar is particularly adapted to powder mixes as its fine particle size prevents powder demixing. Compliance : Sucrose (Ph. ...

    odium croscarmellose is an internally cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose for use as a superdisintegrant in pharmaceutical formulations.
  • Product Excipients

    Excipients play several key roles in the formulation of all pharmaceuticals. Excipients help guarantee the stability and bioavailability of the API, enhance the safety and function of the drug product during usage or storage, assist in the delivery of the drug, can improve texture and taste, and should be ...

    Chemical Description Product name: Povidone Iodine CAS NO.: 25655-41-8 INCI Name: PVP Iodine
    Physical and Chemical properties -A reddish brown, free-flowing amorphous powder; - Soluble in water or ethanol, aqueous solution is acidic, insoluble in ether, chloroform, acetone. - Effective to extinguish b...

    PALMSTAR AL PHARMA-MB is one of our Aluminium Stearates with the best gelling performance capabilities. It is very suitable as an emulsion stabilizer and viscosity increasing agent for creams and ointments. Additionally, pharmaceutical applications use it as an anti-caking agent or suspending agent. PALMST...
  • Product AquaPolish® MS - Moisture Sealing Film Coating System (R2U)

    BIOGRUND provides a wide range of ready-to-use film coating products which includes AquaPolish® MS. It's a moisture sealing product. It provides a protective and fast soluble film on tablets, pellets, granules and capsules. It is a combination of selected film-forming cellulose ethers with plasticizing and...
  • Product DRCOAT - Customised Ready to use Coating Pharma Polymer


  • Product Guanosine low endotoxin, pure grade CODE Z46543
  • Product Stearic Acid

    Stellipress Brand ensures EP/USP compliance of our high purity Micronized Stearic Acid.

    Our Stearic Acid is your best choice as a Tablet Lubricant and Magnesium Stearate replacement.

  • Product Hypromellose (METOLOSE® SH); HPMC; Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose

    Your benefits
    - wide range of products
    - produced according to IPEC-GMP guidelines
    - Chinese DMF available
    - full order flexibility with regular stock in Europe and low MOQ
    - long-standing experience with extensive technical data

  • Product 100% made in Japan & meet GMP and world wide regulatory frameworks

    Kikkoman's Sodium Hyaluronate is purified, and 100%made in Japan, with all the manufacturing processes taking place in Japan in accordance with GMP and world regulations.
  • Product Sepifilm™ Lp

    SEPIFILM™ LP is a range of ready-to-use film-coating products for moisture protection.
    SEPIFILM™ LP comes in a granular form and can be used for the optimal protection of active ingredients that are sensitive to moisture and to improve the physical properties of the core (hardness, friability).
  • Product Carnauba Wax

    Carnauba wax is obtained from the leaf buds and leaves of the Brazilian Mart Wax Palm, Copernicia Cerifera. It is a complex mixture consisting of aliphatic esters (wax esters), α-hydroxyl esters and cinnamic aliphatic diesters, and it also contains free acids, free alcohols, hydrocarbon and resins. Because...
  • Product SheffCoat™ Film Coating

    Sheff Coat™ fi lm coatings are pre-blended ready-to-use coatings that allow you to customize a fi lm coating that is compatible with your API and regional regulatory requirements.
  • Product Ashacel Ethylcellulose FP

    Fine particle grade of Ethylcellulose. Offers all the benefits of smaller particle size and hence greater surface area.
  • Product Colorcoat® Ready To Use Coating Material

    Colorcoat® is one step, pre-blended ready to use coating material comprising of pharmaceutically accepted polymers, opacifiers, pigments and plasticizers and is optimized to be compatible with any coating equipment.
    Colorcoat® range is available in clear, white and in various color shades offe...

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