CPhI Webinar Series: Pharma Outlook 2021: Watch Now!

CPhI Webinar Series: Pharma Outlook 2021: Watch Now!

Featuring three speakers from leading market intelligence organisations, this webinar outlines the key trends and developments in the pharma sector to be aware of over the coming twelve months.

Daniel Chancellor, Thought Leadership Director, Informa Pharma Intelligence, provided a snapshot of pharma pipeline activity during 2020, with oncology being the therapy area that continues to dominate clinical trial activity, with immune and central nervous system jockeying for second and third position.

He also shone a light over the disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought over trials and the industry’s rapid response to the crisis in terms of developing both vaccines and therapeutics against the virus.

“We have around three and a half thousand clinical trials initiated or planned against COVID-19 since the start of the year, with around 700 pipeline drugs and not to mention some of the repurposed efforts that have been run by academic groups, too,” he told the webinar.

Sarah Rickwood, Vice President European Thought Leadership, IQVIA presented nine key issues that are going to drive change in 2021 and beyond, a blend of some directly accelerated by the current pandemic and others that were issues already in existence prior to the pandemic, “but are really going to see their full impact on changing the shape of pharma and health care in 2021 and beyond regardless.”

She told the audience that the industry is actually dealing with three crises rather than one, and that the first half of the 2020s is likely to be flavoured by the pandemic and its consequences.

“We have the infection crisis, which we hope will be addressed by the vaccines which have come through with such an amazing effort from the pharmaceutical industry,” she said, adding that the challenge is that the infection crisis has triggered two other crises which will stretch through 2021 and beyond.

“The first is a crisis of healthcare systems, the non-COVID treatments of patients in healthcare systems have been delayed, changed and negatively impacted by the fact that healthcare systems have had to pivot to COVID treatment and addressing those patient backlogs which vary by country and by therapy area, is going to take a long period.”

She also pointed to the beginning of the economic crisis, with really worrying drops in GDP in Q2: “The full impact of mass employment has yet to be realized and that will mean health care system budgets will be constrained. So at best I can say is that we’re not living in a post-pandemic environment in 2021, we're living in a vaccine plus environment.”

And rounding off the webinar, Saman Kay, Solutions Consultant for Regulatory Intelligence at Clarivate Analytics, took a look at the future of drug manufacturing technology and assessed the opportunities and challenges of adopting continous manufacturing processes in place of traditional batch manufacturing.

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