Pharmapack Webinar – Track & Trace: Challenges and opportunities for direct-to-patient delivery: Watch Now

Pharmapack Webinar – Track & Trace: Challenges and opportunities for direct-to-patient delivery: Watch Now

This recently recorded CPhI Webinar in association with Pharmapack delves into the vitally important world of traceability of medicines and what the packaging industry is doing to address the issues of medication errors, security and drug wastage. Click the link above to access the on-demand session.

Providing a regulatory outlook, Nathalie Wardé, Chief Executive Officer, D4P pharma, said that with 50% of medication errors coming from dispensing and administration, improving traceability of medicines for direct-to-patient delivery is a must.

“Traceability is a global trend in healthcare B2B,” she said “Over the last seven to ten years, it has started to be a real concern for all the health authorities mainly to fight against counterfeit (or ‘falsified’) medicines or medical devices and to facilitate the recall process.”

Arguing the case for why global standards are needed across healthcare and providing an introduction to GS1 and Gs2 standards, Tania Snioch, Director Healthcare Operations, GS1 Global Office said that “never has a global, secure and efficient supply chain been more important than today,” citing the current pandemic situation.

“We’ve learned in these difficult times that global standards have a role to play; we’re all looking for an efficient supply chain that operates across countries and across continents and to have that, we need to be able to talk to each other in a language everybody understands,” she added. “ We need to be sure we’re talking about exactly the same products and it needs to be unambiguous; a global standard is the way to achieve that.”

Providing insights into the management of clinical supply chains, Pierre Fernandez-Barbereau, R&D Clinical Supply Chain Operations, Industrial Development, Sanofi, said that two key objectives are to ensure alignment between clinical demand and to design a clinical package in order to protect the dose and ensure the ‘blinding’ of the medicinal product.

“But the third objective, which is also the most important one, is to package on the production line and distribute throughout the world to clinical sites and patients, ensuring quality and traceability of these medicinal products,” he said.

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