Driving Digital Transformation in Pharma

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Driving Digital Transformation in Pharma

This session originally aired as part of the CPhI Webinar Series and was repurposed for CPhI Discover - 17-28 May 2021

Increased adoption of digital technologies can offer a multitude of benefits for pharma companies –from data optimization and analysis to increased productivity in R&D, to sourcing candidates for clinical trials.

How can pharma companies take a more active approach to implement digital innovation, to help cope with new challenges in the healthcare industry? One approach to speeding up adoption is to engage with start-ups and established technology companies who can bring different expertise and a more agile approach.

This webinar will look explore the relationship between Pharma companies and start-ups, as the key to unlocking digital transformation.

  • What can digitalization do for Pharma companies? What are the benefits?
  • Has the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital innovation in the pharma industry?
  • Partnering for success –how engaging with start-ups and tech companies can help acquire expertise and accelerate development
  • A review of successful solutions, initiatives and Start-Ups helping to solve healthcare challenges
  • What does the future look like? Can we expect to see increased digital transformation?
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