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CPhI Pharma Trends 2021 Report: out now!

Gareth Carpenter — 25 Nov 2020

The emerging trends likely to shape the next year for the pharmaceutical manufacturing and outsourcing sectors

2020 has been one of the most turbulent years in recent history and has cast a shroud of uncertainty over the future. While pharmaceutical supply chains have proved resilient to the unprecedented shock of COVID-19, many more questions will be asked of the industry over the coming months.

Pharma’s response to the pandemic in terms of vaccines development and distribution of treatments has grabbed the majority of the headlines but the major issues facing the industry are by no means exclusively coronavirus related.

In interviews with key industry experts, this report identifies the major and emerging trends that are sure to be prominent in 2021, as pharmaceutical manufacturing and outsourcing continue to respond not only to the challenges that the ongoing global crisis has presented, but also to evolving obstacles and hurdles that are typical in such a highly-regulated sector.

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