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10 Sep 2020

The latest patient-centric packaging & drug delivery solutions revealed in Pharmapack 2020 Innovation Gallery

Pharmapack Europe, the leading conference & exhibition in pharma packaging & drug delivery business traded the successful 2020 edition at the beginning of February. The innovation gallery, as the key feature of this event, has gathered the most recent product launches from international exhibitors.


Patient-centric solution is one of important drivers in innovations, here are some examples of patient-centric solutions showcased through Pharmapack 2020’s Innovation Gallery:

The Credence Connect™ Auto-Sensing Injection System (Pharmapack Awards 2020 winner)

Credence MedSystems introduces the Credence Connect™ Auto-Sensing Injection System, which incorporates automatic real-time monitoring of critical injection data into a reusable ergonomic finger grip. The Connect links to the Credence App on a smart phone and provides a comfortable grip that enhances the usability of any syringe while measuring and transmitting injection progress in real time. The user receives reminders and instructions on the app and can visualize the injection as it occurs, watching a meter increment as the medication is delivered. The user then receives feedback on whether the injection was completed successfully.

Safe’n’Spray™ (Pharmapack Awards 2020 winner)

Nemera has developed this smart electronic concept device with child resistant and locking features. Safe’n’Spray™ is an integrated device with a reusable electronic locking unit and fingerprint identification to monitor drug delivered and prevent the patient from overdosing.

Patient Support App (Pharmapack Awards 2020 winner)

The Rondo Augmented Reality App merges the physical and digital worlds. The intelligent pharmaceutical packaging serves as a communication medium with the patients and offers them a gateway to valuable information and services of the digital world. Rondos modular Patient Support App focuses on solutions that address patient needs and increase patient adherence. The app can be used for both clinical trials and commercial products and is available on IOS and Android. With the Patient Support App, you can simplify the patient’s life.


Injay from Biocorp is the first built-in connected prefilled syringe, based on a custom finger flange (with backstop function) and a custom syringe piston rod with NFC label. Injay collects key information such as injection completed, time and date, type of drug, batch number and expiration date. Information is sent via NFC technology to an app on mobile, tablet or PC.

Smart Autoinjector

The Smart Autoinjector from Phillips-Medisize is a reusable, electronic autoinjector that works with standard 1-2.25ml prefilled syringes. It is small, simple and intuitive for patients, while being powerful and flexible for pharma companies looking to deliver a wider range of formulations (increased volume and viscosity). The Smart Autoinjector provides all the features of current mechanical autoinjectors; full needle safety, two-step injection sequence, intuitive operation. Yet it provides so much more; enhanced user support and feedback, full power throughout the stroke, gentle engagement of the syringe, flexible dosing time. Most importantly though, it significantly reduces environmental waste and provides built-in connectivity.

The new asthma spacer, VisionAIR Plus

SGH Healthcaring has developed an innovative asthma spacer specially made for dispensing inhaled treatment. Its new design is user friendly and permits a more comfortable dispensation for the child or for the care giver. And most importantly, its efficiency in administering the treatment is higher. This Medical Device Class I minimizes the throat deposit as particles are not sprayed straight towards the mouth.


Dosecare+  from Althena is the safest and easiest dispensing option for accurate dosing of pharmaceutical liquids. The main feature being the application to adjust and fix the correct volume required for oral liquids, with its easy to use safety function, a cursor can be positioned and fixed with the ‘click of a button’.

ActiveGuard® Connect™

LOG’s ActiveGuard® Connect™ provides the pharma and nutraceutical industries with a smart packaging solution which drives adherence, enables Big Data analysis and provides manufacturers with a unique connection to engage with the end-customer and build a long-term relationship. ActiveGuard® CONNECT™ features a smart IoT component with an integrated desiccant chamber which is inserted into the neck of a bottle and links the packaging to the patient’s smartphone. The smart packaging product enables indication of taken doses, tracks temperature within the bottle, and can remind or alert patients as needed to drive adherence.

Please download the Pharmapack Innovation Gallery 2020 ebook to learn more details about new products

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