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Formulation of Orally Disintegrating Mini-Tablets (ODMTs)

25 Nov 2017

Alphie Mixer

Alphie mixer is extensively used to Produce a dosage form especially suitable for paediatric (healer of children) use.

Orally disintegrating mini-tablets are designed to disintegrate within a few seconds in the oral cavity. ODMTs is very beneficial because – it gives pleasant mouthfeel, the decrease of swallowing And choking issues (difficulty in breathing) and the intake without water.

Alphie mixer is useful for blending of Excipient (for fast-disintegrating oral dosage forms and direct-compressible formulas -96.5 – 98%), Sodium, stearyl, fumarate. Blending process is normally carried out in 5 – 15 mins. After this blending, the mixture is directly used for tablet compression

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