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14 Jan 2014

Rx-360 Summary of UPS Supply Chain Survey

UPS has issued its sixth annual “Pain in The (Supply) Chain Survey.” 


The survey results report that a majority of North America logistic executives view increasing regulations (54%) and changes in healthcare legislation (53%) as the top pain points for them. These were also leading pain points in Western Europe. In Asia, increased regulations and increasing competition were identified by more than 50% of the survey responders. Globally, half of the responders indicated they are still feeling the impact of the economic downturn. Common themes in the survey include:

• Logistics professional around the world identified accumulating supply chain and regulatory expertise as a best practice to address supply chain concerns.

• Utilizing new technology is also a common theme. This includes order management, web ordering systems and temperature sensitive technologies.

• Companies are expecting to significantly increase investment in web ordering systems, e-pedigree and serialization technologies and security specific technologies during the next 5 years.

Click here to view of the UPS survey results

Click here to view the Rx-360 Summary

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