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20 Oct 2021

Matica Bio and Sartorius form large-scale vector production research pact

Together the companies will attempt to overcome "black box" challenges to enable more robust and consistent results for clients

Matica Biotechnology and Sartorius have struck a joint research agreement to streamline and optimise process analytical technologies, automation software, and single-use platforms offered by Sartorius for large-scale viral vector production. ​

The companies said they will attempt to solve the challenges of large-scale cell culture and viral vector production, improving manufacturability and reducing the costs of novel cell and gene therapies, oncolytic vectors and vaccines.

One such "significant obstacle" to achieving consistent, high-producing viral vector titers during development that can be translated to large-scale production is the ability to generate in-line real-time data.

"In many respects, what is going on inside a bioreactor or within downstream operations is still a black box to us," said Michael Stewart, Chief Technology Officer at Matica Bio.

Matica Bio's CDMO viral vector production experience along with the single-use and PAT capabilities of Sartorius will allow the CDMO to provide more robust and consistent results for clients, accelerating the overall development timeline to the clinic and market, the companies said.

According to Dr Yun Jeong Song, CEO of Matica Bio, the partnership will enable the company to increase the speed of information flow and reduce the number of preventable errors by integrating more fully automated processes.

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