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19 Apr 2021

NEW: WHO PQS pre-qualified single-use data Logger

WHO-compliant vaccine monitoring with LogTag!

The LogTag data logger family, which offers an extremely attractive price/performance ratio, now has additional members - the USRID-16W temperature data loggers.

The WHO-compliant LogTag data loggers USRID-16W1 and USRID-16W2 conform to WHO PQS E006 Performance Specification.

They meet the increasing demand for inexpensive and reliable single-use temperature data loggers with integrated USB and display. They are ideally suited for pharmaceutical and vaccine transports, as well as laboratory applications in medicine and healthcare.

The LogTag USRID-16W data loggers measure and store real-time temperature readings covering a measurement range of -30 °C to +60 °C.

The USRID-16W's display shows alarm status of up to three alarms, preset per WHO requirements.

At the end of the recording, a detailed PDF report can be automatically created, which is directly and easily accessible via a computer's USB port.

For a more detailed analysis, the data can optionally also be downloaded with the free LogTag Analyzer software.

Two models are available: the USRID-16W1 is suitable for shipping freeze-sensitive vaccines that require a WHO Type 1 alarm configuration; the USRID-16W2 is set up for shipping vaccines requiring a WHO Type 2 alarm configuration.

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