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12 Apr 2021

KD Pharma acquires Switzerland-based cannabinoid manufacturer PhytoXtract

The global CMO plans to have a complete, licensed cGMP manufacturing facility online by the end of 2021

KD Pharma has acquired the manufacturing assets of Switzerland-based cannabinoid manufacturer, PhytoXtract, giving the contract manufacturing organisation access to technology for producing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) based on phytocannabinoids and other plant extracts.

The technology further expands KD Pharma’s lipid technology portfolio and can be used in combination with KD’s other fractionation and separation technologies.

Although the company specialises in lipid technology focused primarily on omega-3s, its technology suites can be applied to other lipid sources such as cannabinoids.

The assets from Phytoextract will provide KD Pharma with additional routes to develop new products for this emerging market.

Last June, KD Pharma signed a licensing agreement with Italy-based Herbolea Biotech for Bio-Herbolysis, a novel extraction method, that can process 300 kg/hour, in one process step, without the need for solvent.

KD Pharma expects to have a complete, licensed cGMP manufacturing facility online by the end of the year.

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