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21 Jun 2021

Press Release > CordenPharma Colorado to Double its Largest Peptide Purification Suite

(Image by Novasep) New High Pressure Chromatography Column for Peptide Purification

Luxembourg, 13 May 2021 -- In Q4 2020 CordenPharma announced both an expansion of non-GMP capacity at our Centre of Excellence for Peptide Process Development in Frankfurt, Germany, and a major increase in upstream capacity with the introduction of a new 3’000 L Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) vessel in CordenPharma Colorado (US).

As the next step of our strategy to provide customers with rapid and economically attractive solutions, CordenPharma is delighted to announce the addition of a second 100 cm high-pressure chromatography column at CordenPharma Colorado, to accommodate the continuous growth and evolution of the peptide therapeutic market. Matthieu Giraud, PhD, Global Director of the Peptides, Lipids & Carbohydrates Platform explains, “This additional column will provide the capacity to purify several tons of peptide annually, which in conjunction with our existing 100 and 80 cm columns, gives us more flexibility and redundancy to maximize supply security for all of our partners.”

CordenPharma’s strategy focuses on staying ahead of expanding global market needs by investing in new equipment and technologies to constantly improve the productivity of our peptide assets – in particular via the deployment of innovative Process Analytical Technology (PAT).

The new column is already installed and will be qualified by the end of Q2 2021.

CordenPharma is a recognized leader in Peptide supply with over 110 years of cumulative peptide experience across our global facility network in the US & Europe. Our unique expertise covers both Solid-Phase (SPPS) and Liquid-Phase (LPPS) Peptide Synthesis that allows for a high level of response to growing local demand at the country and community level, particularly during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Together with our CordenPharma Caponago site in Italy dedicated to injectable formulation development and drug product manufacturing, CordenPharma provides a vertically-integrated supply chain from regulated raw materials through intermediates, APIs, commercial-scale Drug Product manufacturing, finished dosage formulation, clinical trial services, & pharma logistics, resulting in reduced development & manufacturing time and cost. This full-service capability uniquely positions CordenPharma as the only CDMO to offer truly integrated peptide to injectable manufacturing in the industry.

With approximately 400 employees, CordenPharma Colorado has grown a strong focus in the development & manufacturing of APIs from laboratory-scale to commercialization at ton-scale, due to their unique large-scale SPPS capabilities. To avoid the tedious and poor productivity of the final isolation step by lyophilization, their development team has gained an unmatched expertise in the isolation of Peptide by precipitation that has been successfully transferred numerous times to the production of several commercial products. The site has a long track record in the large-scale manufacturing of Peptides, where all potencies, including picogram levels, are managed.

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