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Vivian Xie
4 Oct 2022

Roquette expands plant-based excipient portfolio with Crest Cellulose acquisition

Crest Cellulose, an Indian excipient manufacturer, has been acquired by plant-based pharmaceutical excipient provider Roquette in a bid to increase the latter’s presence in the Asia Pacific region.

French provider of plant-based ingredients and pharmaceutical/nutraceutical excipients Roquette has announced their complete acquisition of Indian excipient manufacturer Crest Cellulose, expanding their capacity to meet global demand for plant-based excipients.

India’s pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest global providers of generic medicines at a time when the production of generics in the Asia Pacific region is increasing in general. The acquisition of Crest Cellulose is hoped to establish a reinforced presence for Roquette in India and Asia, while also providing a global network of pharmaceutical research, development, and innovation facilities.  

Crest Cellulose is set to be smoothly integrated into Roquette’s existing rigorous quality standards, meeting all major international regulatory requirements for excipients produced at the facility. Such plant-based excipients include MICROCEL, a microcrystalline cellulose, and LYCATAB CT, a partially pregelatinized starch.  

VP Roquette Pharma Solutions Paul Smaltz commented on the acquisition: “At Roquette, we believe true innovation can only be achieved in an environment where ingredient safety is completely assured... There’s no room for compromise or shortcuts when tackling the world’s greatest health challenges. The team at Crest Cellulose share our conviction that quality is king, always striving to optimize processes and redefine what’s possible in drug delivery. As a global leader in health and nutrition, we’re excited to harness our newly expanded capabilities to support our network of customers and partners in India, Asia, and the rest of the world. 

The acquisition will also focus on protecting the health of the planet and sustainable practices, a core pillar of Roquette’s ethos in bringing about healthier futures. Crest Cellulose will become the latest recipient of the Greentech ‘Environmental Protection’ award, recognising the environmental efforts of companies respecting the planet and its natural resources. Smaltz added: “Adding Crest Cellulose to the Roquette family gives us an opportunity to expand the reach of our sustainable development initiatives underpinned by four key pillars – innovating, sourcing, biorefining, acting – to build a healthier tomorrow. For Crest Cellulose and its customers, this means sustainable development will become central to every operation – ensuring we deliver top quality solutions that champion people, the planet, and prosperity. Supporting our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% between 2021 and 2030, plans are in motion to install an additional 0.5 megawatt solar panel to the 10 kilowatts already in place at the site. This investment is designed to provide renewable energy for decades to come.” 

Source: Roquette Complete Acquisition of Crest Cellulose - Corporate Pharma| Roquette 

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