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Colorcon launches SoteriaRx on-dose authentication technology platform

18 May 2020

Smart medications that can provide traceability from plant to patient.

A new platform of innovative on-dose technologies and detection services for authenticating medications that will help to protect patients and uphold brand integrity has come onto the market.

Counterfeit drugs, which are estimated to be worth US$200 billion or 2% of total pharma revenue, financially affect the pharmaceutical industry and compromise patient safety.

Traceability and security measures focused at the packaging level are insufficient to deter fraud, especially in low- and middle-income countries where either substandard or falsified medicines can account for up to 70% of medications distributed internally.

The solution is smart medications with on-dose taggants that can be authenticated throughout the supply chain. Colorcon's SoteriaRx provides a powerful tool for tracking medicines from plant to patient and provides a level of supply chain authenticity and transparency not previously available.

By incorporating microtags, the pill itself effectively becomes a barcode which can be digitally read and recorded, providing instant authentication.

According to Colorcon CEO, Martti Hedman, this digitalization of medicines represents a "major step forward" in the fight against unauthorized and illegitimate pharmaceutical production and provides an opportunity to safeguard patients.

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