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News Bora Pharmaceuticals acquires biologics CDMO facility

Bora says the acquisition will allow it to rapidly build a presence in the biopharmaceuticals market. 

News CPhI North America: An ‘intimate and extremely valuable’ experience

This year’s event takes place as a SMART model, featuring online learning and networking from May 9-27 and an in-person event from May 17-19. 

News CPhI Podcast Series: Leveraging data science for sustainable autoinjector development

Environmental impact is an area of increasing focus for the pharma and biopharma industries, with companies like Merck, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline setting ambitious targets for carbon neutrality and laying plans for waste reduction.   

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  • Product Urobilinogen code A1536
  • Product Imidapril Hydrochloride

    Hunan Jiudian Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. offers a wide range of api which includes imidapril hydrochloride. Contact us for more information.
    CAS NO. 89396-94-1,Standard: JP
  • Product C14 ADME Studies

     If your drug is approaching the end of Phase II clinical development or you are planning for your regulatory submission, Quotient Sciences can help you meet your program goals. With many years’ experience as a leading provider of human ADME 14C radiolabeled studies, we have the scientific expertise and ...

    Food supplement Protego Magnesium B6, 60 tablets

    Magnesium lactate
  • Product Apivit C Plus 2000 mg

    Vital for you in the short and long-term!. Delicious drinkable, orange flavoured vials that contain a high dose of Royal Jelly (2000 mg/vial) and vitamin C. MARNYS® APIVIT C Plus Each vialcontains 2000 mg of Royal Jelly and 20 mg of vitamin C. Royal jelly is extremely nutritious and is the only food source th...
  • Product Robotic vial filling and capping machine

    Robotic vial filling and capping machine
  • Product Sodium Hyaluronate Medical Injection Grade

    Sodium Hyaluronate Medical Injection Grade
    Sodium Hyaluronate Medical Injection Grade  is a kind of Molecular Weight Sodium Hyaluronate Topical Grade 1.2 ~ 3.2 m3/kg. It Suitable for medical device of parenteral administration and dermal fillers. And not to be used as an API.
  • Product Small Molecule API

    Pfizer CentreOne specializes in small-molecule API synthesis. We can perform almost any kind of chemistry you need.
    Our custom API sites have been manufacturing Pfizer’s broad array of innovative small molecules for decades. As your CDMO partner, we harness that experience – and care – for you.

  • Product Supporting your Global Expansion

    Using the production capacity of our two factories in Japan, Bushu Pharma supports both Japanese and global pharmaceutical companies looking to launch their products in new markets.

    We closely communicate with you from project kick-off to actual product launch, we will ensure we are the best partne...
  • Product Genotoxic Impurities ID and Quantification

    Identification and quantification of genotoxic impurities: To reduce drug safety and quality risks, diagnosing and limiting genotoxic impurities early on in drug development can reduce risk associated with genotoxic impurities. With the implementation of increasingly stringent regulations for impurity leve...
  • Product PREGNADERM (Pregnancy care products)

    Pregnaderm® Extreme Hydration Body CreamHydration - Protection - Enhances elasticityNon-greasy formulation
    TUBE of 150 ml

    Pregnaderm® Whitening Face Cream SPF 15
    Effective control of dark spotsSun Protection - Moisturizing action
  • Product BD Effivax™ Glass Prefillable Syringe for Vaccines - The new generation vaccine syringe

    BD Effivax™ Glass Prefillable Syringe for Vaccines has been designed to meet the needs of prophylactic vaccine manufacturers. It brings a new standard in performance and reliability to vaccine prefillable syringes thanks to new and tightened specifications for processability, cosmetics, contamination and inte...
  • Product Penicillin-V

    Phenoxymethylpenicillin is known as Penicillin-V, is an antibiotic used to treat and prevent a wide variety of Gram-positive bacterial infections. When taken to orally, Penicillin-V is more stable to gastric acids than Penicillin-G.

    Dossier availablePenicillin-V - 660 mg, 800 mg & 1000 mg  q...
  • Product Thymopentin for injection

    Thymopentin is a synthetic pentapeptide which is the active site of the naturally occurring hormone thymopoietin with immunomodulating properties. Thymopentin enhances the production of thymic T cells and may help restore immunocompetence in immunosuppressed subjects. 【Indications】
    (1) Patients with c...
  • Product Relugolix

    In Development - Please contact your Account Manager
  • Product IRON

    10 monodose drinkable vials of 10 ml each.
    Monodose vials enable an exact dose and are presented in a compact box with tamper evident. It has a first opening verification and it is recloseable at any time.
    +12 years old.

    For chil...
  • Product Butorphanol Tartrate

    Butorphanol Tartate is a morphinan-type synthetic opioid analgesic.

    It is approved by NMPA.
  • Product Generic (Linagliptin)

    ;- Active substance(s): Linagliptin
    Pharmaceutical form(s): Tablets
    Strength(s): 5 mg
  • Product Aura Herbals Vitamin D3 (2000 IU) + K2 MK-7 drops (30ml)

    180 daily portions 1 portion = 2000 IU Vitamin D from lanolin
    100% natural

    - the simplest composition, with no unnecessary additives
    - natural source of vitamin D (from lanolin)
    - natural source of vitamin K (from natto)
    - high concentration of vitamin D - 2000 IU in  ...