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Gerresheimer is the global partner for pharma, biotech, healthcare and cosmetics with a very broad product range for pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging and drug delivery devices. The company is an innovative solution provider from concept to delivery of the end product. Gerresheimer achieves its ambitious goals through a high level of innovative strength, industrial competence, focus on quality and customers. In developing innovative and sustainable solutions, Gerresheimer relies on a comprehensive international network with numerous innovation and production centers in Europe, America and Asia. Gerresheimer produces close to its customers worldwide with around 10,000 employees and generates annual sales of more than €1.4 billion. With its products and solutions, Gerresheimer plays an essential role in people's health and well-being.

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Products from Gerresheimer AG

  • Primary Packaging Glass

    Product Primary Packaging Glass

    Our moulded glass product lines cover all the pharmaceutically relevant glass categories using borosilicate glass of type I and soda-silica glass of types II and III. In addition to our products made of amber and clear glass, we also produce coloured pharma glass and opaque opal glass. Our product range includes all the common mouth shapes in capacities from 2 to 4,000 ml and we can print or acid-etch our glass products on request. Besides our standard products we also develop custom glass packaging.
    We also have glass syringes in our product portfolio.

  • Primary Packaging Plastics

    Product Primary Packaging Plastics

    We offer a widely varied spectrum of packaging solutions within solid, liquid and ophthalmic applications. Our leading brands are Duma®, Dudek™ and Triveni for solid dosage, edp-branded PET bottles for liquid dosage. Our standard range includes a wide choice of different types of containers and closures, PET bottles, eye droppers, nasal sprays, nebulisers as well as numerous customized developments.

  • Micro infusion pumps

    Product Micro infusion pumps

    Sensile Medical is a pioneer in liquid drug delivery pump devices with a typical total volume of 3 – 20 ml. The subcutaneous medication at home combined with digital solutions is attractive for all stakeholders of the health care System.
  • Customized solutions drug delivery systems

    Product Customized solutions drug delivery systems

    Customized drug delivery systems – from the concept development through industrialization to assembly, and pharmaceutical filling. We cover the entire spectrum of delivery types: inhaler, syringes, pen systems, auto injectors and infusion sets as well as lab disposables and point of care tests.
  • Primary packaging for biologics

    Product Primary packaging for biologics

    Primary packaging for sensitive, biotechnologically manufactured active agents. Highest quality standards with regard to active agent-packaging interaction, increased user-friendliness and application safety for patients and user.

  • Primary Packaging Plastics - Solid dosages

    Product Primary Packaging Plastics - Solid dosages

    Our Duma, Dudek and Triveni branded products include a broad range of containers in HDPE and caps in LDPE & PP for the pharmaceutical market. A wide choice of solid dosage, closure and security systems makes the range fully adaptable to the individual requirements of the customer. Our assortment includes screw cap containers, snap-on containers, US type containers and closures with tamper-evident, child-resistant and senior-friendly features.

  • Primary Packaging Plastics - Ophthalmic/nasal applications

    Product Primary Packaging Plastics - Ophthalmic/nasal applications

    Our products for ophthalmic applications include bottles and a variety of droppers, nozzles and caps in LDPE. Tamper-evident caps can be delivered as a screw cap, as a wing screw cap or as a child-resistant screw cap. DropAid is an application that helps to open the bottle and makes it easy and simple to positioning the dropper correctly above the eye. Our nasal sprays can be delivered in two different solutions: spray bottles with nebulizer and spray and pump system. Other materials, sizes and designs are available. Radiation or ETO sterilization on request.
  • Primary Packaging Plastics - PET for liquid and solid

    Product Primary Packaging Plastics - PET for liquid and solid

    We offer a comprehensive range of edp-branded PET bottles for liquids and closures in HDPE and PP for different applications. All our bottles can be supplied with caps, reducers and other accessories. Some are optionally available with a measuring cup that has a 2.5 to 10 ml scale or a measuring cup with a 5 to 20 ml scale. Some of our products are even compatible with glass accessories/bottles. You can opt for one of the products in the standard range or design a product customized to your needs and requirements with our R&D team.

  • Primary Packaging Plastics - Monolayer plastic vials

    Product Primary Packaging Plastics - Monolayer plastic vials

    Our monolayer plastic vials unite the best properties of plastic and glass packaging for liquid medications. The vials are available with a single-layer structure based on Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP). The vials offer inert contact surface and have been proven with various pharma applications in the market. They also deliver a unique packaging safety feature to manufacturers of toxic or high potency drug solutions. The monolayer plastic vials are available in the sizes of 2, 5, 10, 50 and 100 ml.
  • Primary Packaging Plastics - US Prescription packaging

    Product Primary Packaging Plastics - US Prescription packaging

    Since 2015 Centor is a member of the Gerresheimer Group and the largest supplier of regulatory compliant prescription plastic containers for medication dispensing for the North American prescription retail market. The product portfolio includes the flagship products 1-Clic® vials and closure systems, Screw-Loc® vials and closures systems, as well as PET recycled ovals, applicators, droppers, ointment jars and wide mouth plastic bottles. Centor serves national and regional pharmacy chains, supermarkets and wholesalers.
  • Primary Packaging Glass - RTF vials

    Product Primary Packaging Glass - RTF vials

    Gx® RTF vials enhance flexibility by facilitating packaging needs from clinical stage to industrialization with the common goal to minimize customer product risks and optimize total cost of ownership. Gerresheimer combines the competencies in converting glass tubes to serum/ injection vials and transforming bulk into ready-to-fill products for our pharma and biotech customers. Gx® RTF vials are a sterile primary packaging solution delivered ready-to-fill in nest and tub or tray. Our customers rely on more than 15 years of experience with ready-to-fill products including prefillable syringe systems made of glass and plastic, Gx RTF® and Gx RTF® Clearject®.
  • Primary Packaging Glass - Gx® Elite Glass Vials

    Product Primary Packaging Glass - Gx® Elite Glass Vials

    The Gx Elite vials are the result of a careful product development process spanning several years. The highly shatter-resistant vials are extremely durable and free of cosmetic defects. They also boast an incredibly robust structure, while their resistance to delamination protects the drug inside. Simple handling and a range of packaging options ensure that Gx Elite vials can be supplied for end-to-end use on various filling lines. This cuts costs while improving quality, as countless past and ongoing tests by notable customers have shown. 

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